Putting people at the heart of human rights

Monday 19 October 2015, Queen’s University Belfast

The aim of this seminar was to compare and contrast human rights issues associated with the rights of children and young people; people with disabilities; and older people. In particular, the speakers explored the commonalities, possibilities, and learning to be gained from the relevant United Nations Conventions, how they are being implemented, and issues associated with the reporting mechanisms.  This event was jointly organised with the Disability Research Network, based in Queen’s University Belfast.

UN Conventions: Background, philosophy, ideology

Implementation: Issues and Challenges

  • Alex Tennant, Commissioner for Children and Young People’s office Powerpoint slides   Video
  • Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities Independent Mechanism for Northern Ireland Powerpoint slides
    • Paul Noonan, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
    • Colin Caughey, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
  • Evelyn Hoy, Chief Executive, Commissioner for Older People’s office Powerpoint slides   Video

Involving People in the Reporting Process