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Below is a listing of all the ARK research seminars that have been recorded for online viewing since 2004. Included are any documentation and press releases associated with each seminar where applicable. However, if you require hard copy versions of these documents, please contact us by phone (+44 (0) 2871 375513) or send an email to our secretary.

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Lloyd, Katrina and Devine, Paula, 2006, To stay or not to stay: that is the question, ARK Research Update 45, Belfast: ARK < >


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19th Jan 2010
Should we worry about Child Poverty in Northern Ireland?
Goretti Horgan

ARK Seminar Series 2010/11

This Seminar was presented on 19 January 2010 at NICVA, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast

17th Nov 2009
Prejudice and Tolerance in Northern Ireland
Dr. Neil Jarman, Institute for Conflict Research

ARK Seminar Series 2009/10

This Seminar was presented on 18 November 2009 at NICVA, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast

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19th Oct 2009
The school starting age - too much too soon for four year olds?
Sue Palmer, Professor Peter Tymms, Mark Langhammer, Dr Liz Fawcett,

ARK Seminar Series 2009/10

ARK seminar presented jointly with Queens University Belfast School of Education.

Keynote speakers:

  • Sue Palmer, Writer broadcaster and consultant. Author of Toxic Childhood and 21st Century Boys.
  • Professor Peter Tymms, Director, Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, School of Education, Durham University.

Contributing Speakers:

  • Mark Langhammer, Director ATL Northern Ireland
  • Dr Liz Fawcett, Parent
25th Jun 2009
All our Futures: attitudes to age and ageing in Northern Ireland
Ann Marie Gray

ARK Seminar Series 2009/10

The launch of the 2008 Northern Ireland Life and Times survey results will be marked by a seminar "All our Futures: attitudes to age and ageing in Northern Ireland" by Dr Ann Marie Gray, University of Ulster.

This Seminar was presented at The Mount, Belfast on the 25th June 2009.

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29th May 2009
Getting away from the hurt?
Dirk Schubotz

Young Life and Times Survey: 
Launch of the 2008 Young Life and Times survey results.

This Seminar was recorded at the University of Ulster, Magee campus on the 29th May 2009.

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24th Mar 2009
Disconnected Youth? Young people, transitions and social exclusion
Professor Rob MacDonald, University of Teeside

ARK Seminar Series 2009-10

This Seminar was presented at NICVA on the 24th March 2009.

24th Feb 2009
Language, Values, Networks and Community Cohesion: Results from Research with Polish people
Professor Bogusia Temple, University of Central Lancashire

ARK Seminar Series 2008-09

This Seminar was presented on the 24th February 2009 at NICVA

03rd Feb 2009
Childcare Matters
Dr. Liz Fawcett, Liz Fawcett Consulting

ARK Seminars 2009/10


Liz Fawcett identifies what the public thinks about childcare in Northern Ireland

This Seminar was presented on the 3rd February 2009 at NICVA.

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18th Nov 2008
Timescapes: Temporal research through the life course
Professor Bren Neale, Leeds University

ARK Seminar Series 2008-09

This Seminar was presented at NICVA on the 18th November 2008.

11th Jun 2008
Can Northern Ireland become normal? Attitudes to the role of government in Northern Ireland
Robin Wilson and Elizabeth Meehan

ARK Seminar Series 2008

This seminar by Robin Wilson and Elizabeth Meehan marks the launch of the results of the 2007 N Ireland Life and Times Survey.

This Seminar was presented on the 11th June 2008 at Queens University Belfast

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