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Men's Life and Times

Listed below are the questions asked in the Men's Life and Times module, and the years in which they were asked. If you want to see how young people actually answered the questions in a particular year, you can click on the year beside every question. 

Publications and further information on Men's Life and Times can be found on the Men's Life and Times Resources page.

  • MENSUPP: Do men need less emotional support than women? 2000
  • MFAILURE: Do men fear failure more than women do? 2000
  • MFEELING: Should men spend more time talking about their feelings? 2000
  • MHEALTH: Is men's health taken seriously by health services? 2000
  • CLASSRES: Should schools have classes teaching boys and girls to respect each other? 2000
  • MENSTUP: Are men portrayed as being stupid on TV? 2000
  • WOMTRAD: Is it easier for women to take on male roles? 2000
  • MENSJOB: Should schools encourage girls to train for traditional male jobs? 2000
  • WMENSJOB: Should schools encourage boys to train for traditional women's jobs? 2000
  • BOYQUAL: Do boys think that getting qualifications is important? 2000
  • MENQUAL: Do men realise that they need qualifications to keep in work? 2000

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