Year: 2011
Module: Sexual Health
Variable: SEXHEALT

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

' Is there anything you would like to say about the sexual health of young people in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A disaster.
  2. A disgrace
  3. A lot more teens are sexual active now than ever before. I think that a lot people think they have to do it now to be accepted by their peers. I think more awareness should be set up, maybe focusing on the dangers, so that it may warn teens of the dangers.
  4. A lot more young people today are having sex which I think is wrong as they do not keep to the concept of having sex, they see it as fun.
  5. A lot of teenagers have no respect and casual sex is a common activity among them and seen as the 'norm'
  6. A lot of people are having sex to young. A lot of peer pressure.
  7. A lot of people are sleeping around and being promiscuous in this day and age without using protection and I find it dangerous as you can get ultimately left with consequences by getting AIDS (HIV), Syphilis, gonorrhoea and other sexually transmitted illnesses
  8. A lot of people feel pressured and school lessons only teach to abstain rather than explaining the consequences and how to have safe sex.
  9. A lot of people my age are afraid to get checked for sexual diseases
  10. A lot of teen pregnancies.
  11. A lot of teen pregnancy.
  12. A lot of them are stupid and inconsiderate, and it means little to them.
  13. A lot of young people are getting pregnant very early and this is the cause of a lot of Northern Ireland's financial problems.
  14. A lot of young people are sexually active and some are unaware of the risks of not using protection.
  15. A lot of young people feel pressured into having sex when you are around the age of 16, 17. I only know one person who believes in no sex till marriage. People just think sex is 'done' thing.
  16. A lot of young people have sex and contract STIs at a very young age. More info and help is needed, both from groups, schools and parents.
  17. A lot of young people need more educated about sex.
  18. All having sex too young and could get STI's
  19. All lot of younger people are now involved in sexual activity.
  20. Almost every few months, another teenage girl I know, or have heard of has become pregnant which leads me to believe more sexual education is needed.
  21. Be careful
  22. Beware of STD's
  23. Brooke on *** Road
  24. Children are a lot younger when beginning to have sex, I know a number of 12-14 year olds who are already considering to have sex simply because their friends have said they had.
  25. Condoms aren't given to people who need them.
  26. Contraception should be easier to access
  27. Contraceptive methods should be promoted more
  28. Could be better
  29. Decent, a lot of people are fairly cautious
  30. Diseases
  31. Diseases are going to be more common.
  32. Distrusting how 14 year olds are getting pregnant, also how sexual harassment is marked as an "exaggeration"
  33. Do believe there is a lot of support and help however teenagers believe it is cool to have sex so there is a lot of peer pressure. Also a lot of adverts use sex appeal in them.
  34. Don't know a great deal about it, most of my friends haven't had sex yet. " Don't know.
  35. Don't let gays give blood " Don't really have anything to say.
  36. Don't use enough contraceptives.
  37. Drink is affecting their decisions and it's all happening too early.
  38. Due to girls especially, getting drunk at younger ages, it is leading to increasing sexual behaviour. This puts a strain on their sexual health.
  39. Far too many people do it when there drunk, it's pretty disgusting. Many people just sleep around cause they think it is what everyone else is doing
  40. Far too active.
  41. Far too many girls are getting pregnant at a young age, in fact I think too many people are having sex at a young age because of the pressure they feel from media and each other. I think sex is a regular occurrence for many people under the age of 16 which
  42. Find it hard to get contraceptives
  43. From my own experience, I think people are having sex at a very young age without thinking about how it could affect them and their relationship.
  44. From my point of view, not many of my friends are having sex. Therefore sexual health is relatively good.
  45. From things I see in school etc. Not good especially in girls. They know the dangers of non protective sex but still do it, not all girls but most.
  46. Getting better!
  47. Girls need more information about the pill because they go on it and think they are free.
  48. Girls shouldn't feel they should because of their friends I told my friends that and they listened to me.
  49. Happing too young
  50. Hardly any of my friends are sexual active.
  51. Have sex with someone that it feels right and you don't feel forced or made to do it.
  52. Having sex to soon not ready for that kind of a relationship
  53. Healthy
  54. Honestly? Sex is a gift for marriage. We have cheapened it, made it ok to hook up then we wonder why we have issues of self esteem. Sex is for marriage, it should be kept like that.
  55. How come it's illegal to purchase alcohol under the age of 18 but you can legally have sex at 16
  56. I believe that sexual health being bad is down to the lack of knowledge about sex and situation and i believe that it is difficult to obtain contraceptives and this is certainly a cause of a higher birth rate. I feel us teenagers need to be told more info
  57. I believe that there is a lot of peer pressure to have sex in Northern Ireland as soon as possible, even though once done it isn't all that big of a deal and the media is a huge influence on this.
  58. I believe that they rush into it and should wait until they are actually ready.
  59. I believe the age of consent is too young and that the sexual health of young people is bad.
  60. I believe this health is safe in N.I but should not be happening.
  61. I believe too many people my age group 16, 17 are having sex as I consider this quite a young age. It is pressuring.
  62. I believe too many teenage women are becoming pregnant and are unable to support the child.
  63. I don't know very much about general N.I sexual health.
  64. I don't really know because I I've never had to use them. But I hear they are very helpful and caring.
  65. I don't think it is bad and a lot of young people are doing it like it's a new sport
  66. I don't think it's right the age some people who are sexual active are to young
  67. I don't think people are as aware.
  68. I don't think young people should be having sex until they are 18 years of age or unless they learn to use contraceptives/contraception
  69. I don't care.
  70. I don't think it is as bad as some other places in the UK. Looking at my area, pregnancy rates/STI rates seem quite low in comparison.
  71. I feel a lot of people are having sex too young
  72. I feel everyone is having sex too early
  73. I feel overall there are still teenagers having sex just for fun and not for actual loving someone also I feel alcohol has a big effect on young people having sex.
  74. I feel sex is entered into too soon and it is seen only as carnal pleasure which I disagree with.
  75. I feel some young people are very uneducated and this causes teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections
  76. I feel that the levels of STD's would decrease if the contraceptives where more available
  77. I feel that the sexual health foundation is trying their best to give young people advice and support on sexual health matters but if there was more funding more workers could be employed to help give advice + support.
  78. I feel that young people do not know some of the dangers involved abd many are too young
  79. I feel that young people, especial girls feel that they have to have sex even if it isn't what they want. I also feel that many young people have lost the value of the emotional interaction and strong emotional bonds that should accompany sex and that se
  80. I feel there is absolutely no pressure on me to have sex. It's a personal choice and I just haven't found the guy or perfect situation yet.
  81. I feel there should be more sexual health lessons in school and should start at younger ages as the age of teens having sex is getting younger.
  82. I feel young people know a lot about sexual health as there is a lot of ways to learn about it.
  83. I feel to many teenagers are having sex too soon in their lives
  84. I have semn the teenager pregnancy rate, it way too high, teaching about sex should happen earlier in school
  85. I noticed that young people in Northern Ireland tend to go out more and start sexual relationships at a younger age as they are so restricted at school and at home.
  86. I think a lot of pregnancies and other issues originate from the 'less-educated' group of people. The people in direct contact are not members of this group
  87. I think a lot of young people can become careless when it comes to using contraceptives, leading to STI's and teenage pregnancy.
  88. I think a lot of young people disregard the consequences of unprotected sex. Many feel pressured to have sex and lose their virginity at an young age.
  89. I think awareness of STI's etc should be raised, so everyone knows
  90. I think everyone should have more respect for their sexual health and dignity.
  91. I think girls and boys are having sex too young, just to fit in.
  92. I think it can be subjective to areas as there are very few people in my school who have had sex but a lot of my friends outside school have and they are from a very different area.
  93. I think it generally isn't that bad but I think it suffers because of a lack of personal health advice made available, other than a local family planning clinic who are available once a week for 2 hours which is useless considering it's 9-11am-school times.
  94. I think it is better than people think. Contraceptives are accessible and people whom I socialise with know to use them
  95. I think it is generally good
  96. I think it should be taught more in school
  97. I think it's fine, a couple of girls in my school have had sex and its turned out fine whilst one or two have had a baby as result. The girl that did have one was my other waster friend who is smart knows she doesn't know how to handle a child, I blame the parents as they are mainly the source of these problems
  98. I think it's terrible how young people are losing their virginity at and it's all down to PRESSURE
  99. I think it's terrible that young people are having sex at an age as young as 10 years old, (or even younger)
  100. I think it's bad too much underage, unprotected sex.
  101. I think many young people don't have the right attitude towards sex + are having it too young.
  102. I think more and more people are having sex at a younger age and it is important that everyone is made aware of the dangers and the consequences
  103. I think more info should be told in schools at an earlier age. This generation in my opinion such as people having sex in primary school (P7) and 1st year onwards.
  104. I think more young people are having sex.
  105. I think most people do have sex on a drunken night out or aren't fully ready to go the full way.
  106. I think older people need to accept that sex is a lot more casual now
  107. I think people are starting to young & are putting themselves at risk, yet they don't seem to care that much
  108. I think people need to have more self respect when they choose to have sex. It is important to understand to not do it with people they do not care about.
  109. I think people need to be more informed about the consequences of bad sexual health etc.
  110. I think people should get checked out more often because you don't know what someone could have.
  111. I think people who are pressured by peers should wait for the right person and use a method of contraception.
  112. I think some people can be quite silly about using contraceptives and that there should be ways teens get contraceptives, e.g. schools and doctor clinics.
  113. I think teenagers nowadays are really careless when it come to sex. But it's a natural thing to do nowadays
  114. I think that a lot of young people are putting themselves at a high pregnancy risk. Both people should be in a relationship and both be ready and comfortable.
  115. I think that children are exposed to sex at a much earlier age than necessary via the media.
  116. I think that if they feel that they are ready then it's ok, if they're careful as well. A lot of young people put too big a spotlight on this subject but don't consider the ones that are sensible about what they are doing.
  117. I think that it's at risk of going overboard lots of people don't understand the dangers of it and just think it helps them have a good time.
  118. I think that people are sexuality educated way to young and the media pressure young people into these kinds of decisions.
  119. I think that people don't know enough about sexual health.
  120. I think that there aren't enough people using contraception when having sex
  121. I think that there is especially little information (i.e. none at all) on homosexual - sex. Male-male or female-female there is too much of a taboo around sex in general.
  122. I think that young people in Northern Ireland, they don't have enough knowledge about the sexual health. They should learn more about the sexual health, because it's very important in life.
  123. I think the sexual health of the people of N. Ireland is quite poor. People are unaware of how to improve their sexual health.
  124. I think there are too many teenage pregnancies and the legal age should be 17.
  125. I think they're having sex too young and for the wrong reasons.
  126. I think young people are under the influence of alcohol a lot when they have sex
  127. I think young people here don't take the necessary steps to protect their sexual health. I think more help should be available
  128. I think young people in Northern Ireland need to know more about sexual health.
  129. I think young people should be more educated.
  130. I think young people should have more awareness of sexual health issues in Northern Ireland
  131. I think young people today do it on too much of a regular basis and they don't care who its with. I think it needs to be taken more seriously.
  132. I would like to hear more about the different types of STDs and other stuff as I don't really know that much about them.
  133. I would recommend young people in Northern Ireland to get contraceptives like the rod so you know you are safe however still use a contractive like a condom to prevent sexual transmitted infections.
  134. I wouldn't be surprised if some people, especially in school that are younger than me have had sex before. I think this is wrong and makes me feel sick.
  135. If you are from a certain economic background it seems you are stereotyped to be predetermined to a certain level of sexual health and activity. There should be more openness on the subject with further education.
  136. I'm always worried about my sexual health but for many other young people I doubt this applies.
  137. In comparison to the other European countries such as Spain and Germany the North of Ireland seems to love a culture of heavy drinkers at a younger age then many other parts and this is a continuing factor of the sexual relationships and tonnage pregnancies here.
  138. In general I think it is quite good.
  139. In my opinion and experience young people are too sexually active. Too much peer pressure too much free access to alcohol and little or no regard of consequences. No practical relevant sex education being provided.
  140. In my opinion, they are not well enough informed
  141. It could be better but it is worse in single sex schools.
  142. It could be easier to get contraceptives such as the pill or even morning after pill. You can't stop young people from having sex you can only make it safer.
  143. It happens at too young an age.
  144. It has become very common amongst young people, possibly too young.
  145. It has got worse because of peoples life style so STI's are spreading quicker.
  146. It is easily ignored
  147. It is absolutely disgusting, just look at the amount of teenage pregnancies
  148. It is active
  149. It is as bad as its made out to be in the media
  150. It is awful, as many have two or more partners whom they are sexually active with before marriage
  151. It is becoming increasing worse, as more sexual intercourse is occurring when the teenagers are drunk.
  152. It is disgusting when young girls of 13 - 14 get pregnant. It is even worse when the abort what they cause.
  153. It is generally good and most people are safe. Those who aren't were perhaps not taught right or their parents were too lax.
  154. It is good there are places like the Brooke in Belfast available to young people to get contraception and any help or support they need with their sexual health
  155. It is happening to soon and sometimes made acceptable and expected.
  156. It is improving a lot be help e.g. more sexual health clinics, more sex talks, access to contraception, (free condoms at clinics)
  157. It is increasing. So many people such as teenagers want to have sex and are having sex.
  158. It is normal thing for young people - it is seemed as nothing and is not a big deal that sex is casual. And 'everyone is doing it' is very true
  159. It is not a very well discussed issue in Northern Ireland.
  160. It is occurring among people that are too young.
  161. It is quite bad!
  162. It is ridiculous that many people my age have sex, just because "everyone else" is doing it or they were drunk because that isn't an excuse. As for being in love, I feel that many people just get carried away.
  163. It is very good as there is a lot of sexual health groups on
  164. It is very influence by peer pressure.
  165. It isn't good as sex is too casual.
  166. It isn't particularly good. Happening from to young an age
  167. It needs to be talked about it more. No one is fond of sex ed talks but they are necessary so teenagers can be safe when they decide to have sex.
  168. It not good at all
  169. It really sadness me how young people are getting involved in sexual activity so young. If something could be done, I think it should.
  170. It seems perfectly fine.
  171. It seems pretty good.
  172. It seems to have degraded in recent years.
  173. It should be easier to get friendly help by family planning (not bringing a parent)
  174. It should be improved.
  175. It so common. It's a positive thing to have sex at 16 now.
  176. It sucks. A lot of people are doing it at such a young age. It's disgusting. Its peer pressure & drunkenness. The media is to blame to. It's everywhere!! On TV, posters, magazines advertising sex & porn! I hate it.
  177. It's a disgrace the amount of youngsters having kids.
  178. It's a topic in N.I where most people are quiet about, but it needs to be talked about
  179. It's alright, people should be more careful, but that's a general statement pointed at everyone in the world.
  180. It's awful at how young of age some people start at
  181. It's becoming more crucial because of people sleeping around. And the diseases people have.
  182. It's getting worse rather than better.
  183. It's not dealt with enough
  184. It's not easy to get contraception because it's not advertised enough about where you can get it and how to get some people don't know to get it.
  185. It's obviously not really thought about (number of teenage pregnancies)
  186. It's ok
  187. It's pretty good
  188. It's pretty poor
  189. It's quite bad from what I've experienced! Younger people are having sex and I think this is odd. Younger as in 14-16 year olds.
  190. It's reasonably good.
  191. It's terrible
  192. It's unhealthy. Every teen in the country seems to be doing it and it's got out of hand. I think too much, too young.
  193. It's very good and the staff are great to talk and confide in!
  194. It's becoming less serious people are doing things without thinking of the repercussions it may have
  195. It's decreasing and there are more STI's than we would have known before
  196. Its deteriorating
  197. It's difficult to get information on where to get contraceptives and which ones to use.
  198. It's disgusting
  199. It's disgusting! I've heard of eight year olds "having sex" because of pressure from others. It's a joke!! At sixteen I am appalled.
  200. It's fine, as no-one I know within my region has any sexual health problems
  201. It's getting worse
  202. It's good, but there needs, to be a wider availability of contraceptive
  203. It's messed up because sex is pressured on to young people from the media and friends
  204. It's not great
  205. It's ok
  206. It's pretty good.
  207. Just love safe!!
  208. Just to always be careful.
  209. Just wait until you're ready
  210. Lack of information in schools
  211. Lot of youngsters feel under pressure to have sex - 'peer pressure'. Many feel they have to do it, because they think everyone else is doing it. Some feel its not normal if you don't have a boyfriend.
  212. Lots of young people have drunken casual sex or do other sexual things.
  213. Lots of young people having sex under 16 and I think it's far too young. They get pregnant and it's their life mined. We're not ruined but restricted. A lot. I don't think it's very healthy.
  214. Majority have had some sort of sexual integration at this age
  215. Many people didn't use contraception when they would probably be better to.
  216. Many people I know are very curious when it comes to sex because they have not been able to ask questions about it to anyone. This is why I believe that so many young people are having sex and becoming pregnant.
  217. Many people just go along with it as they hear about their friends and they may feel that they have to
  218. Many people seem to have issues with the LGBT community. I find that discrimination against homosexuals and homophobia are a greater disease in Northern Ireland than racism. I am distraught with the prevalence of homophobia.
  219. Many young people know little about it. More education is needed.
  220. Maybe when young they start too early and it would affect social/emotional matters
  221. More and more young girls between the ages of 15 - 18 are becoming pregnant. I think schools and colleges need to do further research and carry out more lessons to help prevent this happening.
  222. More and more young people are being forced into having sex.
  223. More better information on it.
  224. More courses on sexual health are needed.
  225. More precautions taken due to high teenage pregnancies.
  226. More sexually active than other places
  227. More women need to realise that it is ok for women to carry condoms
  228. More young people are having sex at a young age and don't use contraceptives.
  229. More young people are having sex but more young people are aware of sexual health due to education and the media.
  230. Most people are aware of the dangers and take precautions. I think many people feel pressured to have sex.
  231. Most people use a condom so shouldn't be too bad
  232. Most teens in NI need to realise sex isn't a one night thing, it's about compassion and having sex with the person you love or even care for a lot.
  233. Most young people today are well informed about STD's.
  234. Need more education about sexual health
  235. Need to be more careful of what they're getting themselves into. I think they should be sure the person is right before they engage in any sexual activities
  236. Need to be more educated.
  237. Need to be safe and actually think before they have sex. STI's are becoming bigger so people need to be safe.
  238. Need to be thought more about it.
  239. Need to calm down use protection.
  240. Needs more awareness for LGBT people
  241. Needs to be improved.
  242. Needs to be talked about more so that people will actually take precautions!
  243. No, I think everyone is aware of sexually transmitted diseases
  244. No, it's their decision to have sex so it's their responsibility to use contraception!
  245. Nobody seems to really think about STD's, not many anyway.
  246. Northern Ireland's young people are not aware sexual health.
  247. Not enough awareness, too much encouragement.
  248. Not enough people using contraception at my age.
  249. Not really interested in having sex at a young age
  250. Not really, not specifically to Northern Ireland, I'm sure it's the same elsewhere.
  251. On the basis of rumours it seems that some people are prematurely becoming sexually active.
  252. Over looked by many people as "it's my first time, what can happen"
  253. People are a lot more open about it and are proud of it, especially boys. They are also having it younger and more causally.
  254. People are doing for fun without thinking
  255. People are having sex at a very young age.
  256. People are having sex at a very young age. And not waiting for the right moment/guy.
  257. People are having sex at a younger age. It should be for people in mature relationships, more pressure to do it at younger ages.
  258. People are having sex because they feel the need to, rather than cause they want too.
  259. People are having sex far too young in my opinion it's getting younger. And people have too many sexual partners without known them properly.
  260. People are having sex to young
  261. People are having sex to young just because they think it will earn them friends. I think it's wrong.
  262. People are having sex too young and getting pregnant.
  263. People are reckless in their sexual lives. Sex has become a ritual for teenagers and something that has become pressured on young people. The amount of sex in the media does not help this.
  264. People are to careless, more so when drunk.
  265. People are to open.
  266. People aren't thought enough in school and this leads to experimentation
  267. People do things way too early in this country must of the time due to peer pressure
  268. People don't wait anymore for the right person.
  269. People generally know what is right and wrong
  270. People have sex with too many people at a young age.
  271. People having sex is more frequent in younger years and also meaningless e.g. on a night out.
  272. People having sex real young. Around 13 or less
  273. People in N.I would sleep better a lot. Nearly everyone I know who has lost their virginity lost it before 16. They mostly don't wear condoms.
  274. People in Northern Ireland intend to have sex at a younger age than usual compared to other countries in the UK.
  275. People just have sex for a laugh, needed to be taken more seriously as sexual health could affect you forever.
  276. People leave it far too late. I understand money/job issues and the aspect of 'paying for children', but having a child is a serious problem past the age of 37. There is too much negative light on sex in this country
  277. People need more education about contraception
  278. People need to be aware of the importance of contraception and sexual health as many don't take these into consideration
  279. People need to be more aware of STDs.
  280. People need to know more about it.
  281. People over in Northern Ireland have sex too early, and also they do it without protection
  282. People see it as frowned upon for my age but it was normal years ago
  283. People should be more contraceptive so they don't catch any infections off other people.
  284. People Should just wait till your ready
  285. People should learn more about safe sex & complications & laws before doing anything.
  286. People shouldn't feel pressured, because it's nothing special, being a virgin is more special.
  287. Personally, being gay I have found that the amount of resources for myself and others who are homosexual are extremely limited. In this day and age there should be educated specific for homosexual which there is not, and something as small as this can help the sexual health of hundreds.
  288. Personally, I believe that all the information has been given to the public, and it has been used well however, teenage pregnancies are on the rise so I feel things like morning after pill should be made aware of.
  289. Personally, I think that young people should be more careful, when having sex.
  290. Poor.
  291. Probably bad due to very little information on sexual health being given in schools.
  292. Probably having sex too young
  293. Promiscuous and people feel pressured (check that sweet alliteration out).
  294. Really bad so many pregnancies + STI's at a young age
  295. Schools should give out free condoms so that most too afraid to buy them can have sex
  296. Seems Okay…
  297. Sex education needs to be dramatically improved in schools. We need to stop think over sexualisation of children is bad. If they know everything about it they're less curious for a start and they're more likely to act safely.
  298. Sex is a casual thing and is often looked on as not a big deal however being older I wish I had of waited a bit although I don't regret it.
  299. Sex is becoming normal at the age of twelve.
  300. Sex is far common for my age group. Advertisement/campaigns do little to help, probably due to the 'invisible' feelings of a lot of young people.
  301. Sex is very causal nowadays in NI.
  302. Sex should be for fun but people need to be more aware & protected & some girls make me sick with their sexual antics.
  303. Sexual education in schools should be entirely secular. Religion based sex-ed (e.g. 'love for life') is biased and usually carries an unnecessary, unrealistic abstinence message.
  304. Sexual health is awful in NI. A lot of the people in my social circle have had a STI and many don't take precautions i.e. Condoms, Pill etc.
  305. Should advertise more information for people.
  306. Should be made to have appointments with their doctors even for a chat when turning 13 as most parents don't.
  307. So many young girls getting pregnant
  308. So many young people are having sex with no contraception with lots of different people & the age of people is rapidly getting younger.
  309. Some girls are getting pregnant and having sexual relationships too young i.e. 13/14 years old.
  310. Some girls have sex just to fit in and be accepted by males. Males feel they need to have sex so they fit in with other males.
  311. Some have. In my opinion done it to soon, and regret it. I think they should wait for the right person not just for fun.
  312. Some of the young children don't realise the danger
  313. Some people are confused about orientation. Some are feeling pressured. Some are unaware about STD's and STI's. It should be discussed more in schools.
  314. Some people don't seem concerned about it and lack information.
  315. Some people have sex way too early
  316. Some younger people I know of seem to believe having sexual intercourse makes them seem better than people who have not
  317. Some… very appalling
  318. Stay clean
  319. STD's are rising due to more people having sex drunk and not wearing a condom.
  320. Still to many teenage pregnancies
  321. STI's are on the rise. More awareness on Gum Clinics.
  322. Teenagers are exposed to it at too young an age.
  323. Teenagers are losing their virginity younger each year. It's mostly because their minds influence them. Most people I know have "forgotten" to use contraception at least once while having sex, people need to be more aware of dangers before having sex.
  324. Teenagers are now more promiscuous today.
  325. Teenagers are sometimes in the wrong group of friends, and they may be pressured
  326. Teenagers are very often having sex early and this leads to unwanted or unplanned pregnancies for which teenagers are not emotionally ready.
  327. Teenagers seem to think sex at such a young age is normal.
  328. Tell people/kids that sex is not what it's like on the internet/media
  329. Terrible
  330. That a blind eye is turned and matters need to be addressed about sexual health ie. STI checks and better, longer term contraception than condoms
  331. That it seems sex is becoming more casual, and not the treasured gift that it is
  332. That more people are protected and sensible than many believe
  333. That parents should talk to their children about it once they start high school. Particularly with daughters, make sure they are on some sort of contraception.
  334. The age is getting lower.
  335. The age of people having sex has dropped dramatically
  336. The age that teenagers start having sex or knowing about it is getting younger and younger. I think more education needs to be given to the parents over these matters.
  337. The amount of people my age who have done it my area is out of hand.
  338. The clinics should be open everyday & after school hours.
  339. The education given in school is limited especially in religious schools e.g. Catholic convent schools
  340. The legal age should be made higher and talks should be given at a younger age (approx. 13/14)
  341. The matter of having safe sex isn't very serious to many people sadly.
  342. The people I socialise with don't talk about their sex lives. So I don't know what goes on.
  343. The sexual health of people in N.I. has become worse, more younger people are having sex before 16 yrs.
  344. The sexual health of young people is largely based in ignorance whether they ignore what they've been told or maybe are too intoxicated to be able to use the information properly and this problem needs to be tackled by the people and their parents themselves
  345. The wrong things are getting out to younger people and leaving them vulnerable if they're not old or mature enough to say no. Younger people are going to contract S.T.I's etc. if this carries on.
  346. There are a few people that would be known to sleep about, chavs for instance. I know people that have been at it since they were 11, and that's not stories and macho talk, its fact.
  347. There are a lot of STD's going about
  348. There are a lot of teenagers having sex for no reason.
  349. There are lots of younger people having sex but are mostly well enough educated.
  350. There are quite a few young girls who get pregnant and end up being a single mother.
  351. There are silly people out there who are getting STD's and STI's but I think if you big enough to have sex then you should be able to handle it.
  352. There are too many under the age of 17 having sexual intercourse
  353. There are too many young people that thinks its acceptable to have sex with multiple partners in a short period of time. They don't care about the risks.
  354. There have been very little bad experience of sexual health in my friend group so personally I think its seems fine
  355. There is a high rate of teenage pregnancy. So I think contraception should be made easier.
  356. There is a lot of STIs around at the minute, so we just need to be careful.
  357. There is a lot of talk of sexual matters with some of my friends and especially in school
  358. There is no emotion or relationship in sex anymore. They have sex because it's just another game!
  359. There is not enough help available for young people. There needs to be a more effective way to teach young people about sexual health.
  360. There is not enough information. Money is going into other things instead of sexual education. I have only ever received one sex ed talk last year, which was too late for a lot of teenagers.
  361. There is so much helpful information out there on how to have safe sex and there is a risk STDs. People obviously choose to not listen
  362. There is too many people who have sex when they are below 14 years old... And then they have a child when they arr 15? Child have a child it's not good
  363. There is too many young unwanted pregnancies!
  364. There is too much of it going on at a young age.
  365. There is too much under age sex. Parents should be ashamed and do more about this
  366. There isn't enough talk about safe sex and how it effects a young person
  367. There needs to be more action taken to prevent STI's in young people.
  368. There needs to be more awareness made about contraception
  369. There needs to be more contraception things as there's too many people not using protection these days.
  370. Their own decisions to have sex.
  371. There seems to be an abundance of information about sexual health available for those looking for it.
  372. There should be more available for young people in relation to sexual health and made aware of health problems.
  373. There should be more people coming into schools to talk about sexual health
  374. There sometimes isn't enough sex education which leads to unplanned pregnancies at a young age.
  375. There's far too many under age pregnancies
  376. There's so many people getting pregnant at a young age! The the bru is keeping
  377. There's too much young people being Pregnant
  378. They are having sex to early in life
  379. They are very careless. Don't know enough about sex & sexual health.
  380. They aren't educated enough about the aftermath e.g. boy dumps girl after he's had it or it doesn't fix every relationship and it doesn't make you any younger
  381. They aren't very well informed, don't take precautions against pregnancy e.g. condoms. Need more talks in school about contraception's not just in first year.
  382. They don't know how dangerous having sex with no contraception could be.
  383. They don't really care until they either become pregnant or end up with an STI
  384. They have sex for the wrong reasons as it should be saved for your one true love
  385. They have sex to young
  386. They have sex without thinking about the outcomes and don't realise the true meaning of it
  387. They need help - information provided so far isn't helping
  388. They need to be more safe i.e. contraception.
  389. They should be more careful.
  390. They should be taught when they're younger in order to prevent some things
  391. They should let young people know about what happens and the danger of it.
  392. They should take better action - or simply not have sex yet!
  393. They should think about it more and talk it over with their partner first
  394. They should use contraception more often
  395. They shouldn't have sex until they are ready and they are with the right person.
  396. They start having sex to young.
  397. They start too young having sex.
  398. They treat it too casually
  399. They're careless
  400. Think about it. Don't just do it, make sure it's the right thing and that you yourself are ready.
  401. Think most people seeing having sex as a day to day occurrence but it shouldn't be seen like that with young people.
  402. Think people rush into it not thinking about protection and then a lot of young teenagers get pregnant, I think I was too young at fourteen but now sixteen and have learnt a lot more and always safe sex.
  403. T'is alright when you find the 'right person'.
  404. Too casual, I think more so from girls - to free it's scary.
  405. Too many drunken one night stands which cause unwanted pregnancies. Too many young people having sex
  406. Too many people are having unsafe sex. This has lead to more regencies
  407. Too many people aren't using contraceptives and are just chancing it.
  408. Too many people at a young age are rushing into having sex when they are not ready or even fully aware of the consequence's
  409. Too many people getting pregnant
  410. Too many people having baby which are too young
  411. Too many people sexually active too young
  412. Too many people too young
  413. Too many pregnancies in school. I would feel awkward going to my doctor to ask about contraceptives
  414. Too many pregnant teens
  415. Too many teenagers are rushing into having sex, rather than having respect for themselves and waiting until there older, and in a more stable relationship e.g marriage.
  416. Too many young girls are being silly and getting into situations which they can't get out of
  417. Too many young girls are getting pregnant and don't think about their future
  418. Too many young people becoming pregnant.
  419. Too much having sex and not enough info on it
  420. Too much sex too young
  421. Too much young pregnancies & STI's!!
  422. Too often do I see unwanted children being born and my peers having sexual relations without entirely and understanding it. While we should be provided the opportunity to make choices, a lack of knowledge and belief in the popularity of casual sex or sex at an early age is an issue. Also, I believe, for the sake of feminism that an abortion clinic should be provided in Northern Ireland.
  423. Too promiscuous, most get the wrong impression from pornography.
  424. Too stop getting pregnant
  425. Too young
  426. Too young to be having sex
  427. TV + Internet has too much influence
  428. Unacceptable, with my religious beliefs I do not agree with pre-marital stress. I believe it is their choice and do not condemn them for it but I don't agree with their decision.
  429. Underage drinking hugely influences sexual behaviour
  430. Unprepared
  431. We know to turn to the brook or our GP's when worried or getting tests,
  432. We should be able to access sexual health clinics easier and without embarrassment.
  433. We tend to be exposed to an idea that "sex is what it's all about"
  434. Well delivered
  435. Well I'm fully aware that the sexual health of the youth in Northern Ireland is absolutely grim, I try to stay out of it as much as possible.
  436. Well, a lot of people younger than 16 are beginning to have sex. And are getting pregnant at 16 and under. And they most all mostly regret it.
  437. Wouldn't be as many problems if people has respect for themselves and waited until got married
  438. You never know who's infected. Be careful.
  439. Young girls could get forced into sex because the boy wanted to boast about having sex.
  440. Young girls in particularly are letting themselves down, don't give into boys, they only want 1 thing!!
  441. Young people are doing it too early. Not understanding how special they are - I didn't.
  442. Young people are having sex at a young age which increases the number of teenage pregnancy.
  443. Young people are having sex at an early age. Young people should be taught about sex and the dangers of unsafe sex at an earlier age than what it is.
  444. Young people are not all having sex necessarily but foreplay is very very common.
  445. Young people are slowly becoming more aware of matters like these.
  446. Young people are too willing to have sex and I don't think they see it as an emotional thing anymore which is sad, and perhaps why relationships don't last as long nowadays.
  447. Young people can be quick to lose their virginity and very quick to judge those (like me) who have never had sex or had a boy/girlfriend.
  448. Young people can be quite stupid, and when it comes to sex, all common sense just flies out the window.
  449. Young people do not realise how serious these matters are, too often sex is looked on as something to be done to be accepted by social groups
  450. Young people don't think it through or take it seriously enough. I've witnessed teenagers doing it in night clubs
  451. Young people have stopped caring about who and where they have sex. They just want to get their numbers up to show off to their friends. They don't even take care of their contraception.
  452. Young people in Northern Ireland should be given some sort of contraception as young people have sex very young and become pregnant
  453. Young people need to be educated better.
  454. Young people need to know more about it. This could be done through TV programs, more effective talks in school to raise awareness.
  455. Young people should be encouraged to wear protection and it should be made easier for them to get hold of contraceptives.
  456. Young people today in Northern Ireland feel the need to have sexual relationships at an age which I feel is too young. Its seems to be a necessity in young people's lives.
  457. Young People usually do it when their drunk and get talked into it. This should be more talked about at schools.
  458. Young people would know about forms of contraception but would be frightened to ask for them from a doctor e.g.
  459. Younger generations are getting ridiculously confident with being sexually active
  460. Younger girls getting pregnant. Not enough people making them awake of having a baby at young age.
  461. Younger teenagers are becoming more sexually active in Northern Ireland at a younger age, they should be addressed of these issues concerning their sexual health.


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