Year: 2011
Module: Sexual Health
Variable: KNOWMORE

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

' Is there anything that you now feel you should have known more about when you first had sex?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. About STD's
  2. About waiting until a least a year.
  3. After effects
  4. AIDS
  5. Been on pill or injection
  6. Contraception + the sheer emotional side to it, which seems to be over looked
  7. Different forms of contraception.
  8. Different types of contraceptives.
  9. Emotions had more to do with it than the physical side.
  10. Emotions you would feel after
  11. Girls bleeding at their first time.
  12. How easily diseases can be passed on
  13. How easy it is to get pregnant? Sex should be special
  14. How it can ruin a friendship
  15. How much of a serious thing it is.
  16. How relationships change after sex.
  17. How sore it would be
  18. How special your first there is suppose to be and you should make sure that it's with someone who really cares about you and wont make you feel like 'crap' ignoring you after it.
  19. How the other person felt about me, truly
  20. How to do it better as I was nervous
  21. How to go about having sex
  22. Hymen doesn't bleed that much
  23. I feel like I should have been told more truthfully about the feelings experienced during sex, because there is immense pressure on people to have sex and they are promised so much in terms of feeling which is not always lived up to.
  24. I feel that there are things that still do not know about sex because of the lack of ease to information that is well explained.
  25. I know that you should not have sex when you're drunk.
  26. I should have known more on what to do
  27. I should have said how I felt. It's something for 2 people in love to do. I deeply regret.
  28. I shouldn't have been so careless.
  29. I was wise
  30. I wish I knew it was stupid and shouldn't have done.
  31. It can lead to regrets.
  32. It is not what it is expected to be and it's likely you're not ready yet.
  33. It was painful to start with then enjoyable
  34. It wouldn't make me feel better about myself.
  35. It's always safe to withdrawal. Always use a condom
  36. It's not a big deal
  37. Just want happens/how everything is done
  38. Known that it's not all that exciting so not worth it so young
  39. More about contraception
  40. More about STIs and Clinics
  41. More about the risks and that because I've only learned recently about them
  42. More information about protection
  43. Nearly everything
  44. Nerves affect erection!
  45. No (82 respondents)
  46. No because my mum talked to me about everything
  47. No I knew that condom would be sufficient to stop pregnancy
  48. No, I think I knew but more info would be helpful
  49. No, I was pretty well clued in
  50. No, I was well aware of it
  51. No, I feel that I was ready at the time, and understood the risk I was taking.
  52. No, I knew the majority of information as I do now
  53. No, I was given a lot of information about sex, so i felt i knew enough.
  54. No, it wasn't a negative experience.
  55. No, we had talks seriously about all related matters
  56. No, we were educated and very safe and careful.
  57. No. I was ready and I knew what I needed to know.
  58. Nope, I had it all forced down my throat in primary school.
  59. Not really because I went to a course which showed me everything I needed.
  60. Not really I think I knew too much for my age and that's why it happened
  61. Not to do it
  62. People told me I would regret and I do not at the time but I do now. I wasn't ready.
  63. Physical pain.
  64. Possible pains
  65. Precautions against physically hurting my partner or myself.
  66. Protection and its importance
  67. Protection the risk of pregnancy
  68. Should have took my pill the first time I go of the injection
  69. Should have waited
  70. Should have waited until I was older to know more about it
  71. STD's
  72. STI'S & STD's
  73. STI's + Pregnancy
  74. STI's and Pregnancy
  75. STI's like Chlamydia and gonorrhea
  76. That condoms do not work 100% of the time
  77. That if a girl isn't turned on or aroused it's much more difficult to have sex.
  78. That it holds your period back.
  79. That it is not as scary as everyone makes it out to be
  80. That it is wrong before marriage.
  81. That sex is for marriage, not two people who aren't. That it doesn't make you feel good. It's not long term.
  82. That you can get pregnant standing up
  83. The emotional burden I would carry, and self-hate
  84. The emotional effects afterwards
  85. The feelings you both have after it.
  86. The pain
  87. The risks of getting pregnant and contraception.
  88. There is a possibility that they can get pregnant even if the male wears a condom.
  89. To make sure you enjoy it and not just aim to please the other person
  90. To not have lost my virginity to a one night stand.
  91. To use contraception and to learn to say no if you don't feel comfortable
  92. Was it going to be sore?
  93. Was it safe?
  94. What would happen
  95. When is it legal to have sex and the illnesses
  96. When the right time was.
  97. Why everyone was doing it?
  98. Yes (5 respondents)
  99. Yes, about AIDs and STI's.
  100. Yes. not to do it so young.


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