Year: 2010
Variables: FURSUPPT1-14

If response to CARERESP is 'I currently have caring responsibility'

Do the people you care for receive any further support from any of the following sources? [Multiple response table]



Your mother 61
Your father 41
Your sister 37
Your brother 24
Your grandparents 19
Another relative 33
A social worker13
A teacher 10
A counsellor 4
A GP 27
A district nurse16
Home help 13
A voluntary organsiation (e.g. Barnardos or Crossroads)3
Don't know 4


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Results for men and women


Your mother 6958
Your father 5038
Your sister 3638
Your brother 3619
Your grandparents 2317
Another relative 1840
A social worker2413
A teacher 234
A counsellor 06
A GP 1831
A district nurse919
Home help 417
A voluntary organsiation (e.g. Barnardos or Crossroads)42
Don't know 44

Number of responses too small to calculate breakdown by religion  



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