Year: 2010
Variable: MADEFEEL

If response to TLD2MOVE was 'yes'

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

Please state here how this made you feel.'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred. Number in parantheses indicates frequency if the same response was given more than once.

A bit angry and felt disrespected!

A little annoyed, but I can see reason for doing so.

A little annoyed, but quickly get over it.

A trouble maker. (2)


Angered and confused.

Angrey, as we had done nothing wrong.

Angry - we were doing nothing wrong.

Angry and annoyed. (2)

Angry and disrespected. (2)

Angry and hurt.

Angry and insulted.

Angry and scared.

Angry and unjustice.

angry and upset

Angry and upset for being treated as suspicious.

Angry as there is not were else to go to.

angry as we were honestly causing no harm

Angry as we were only waiting for our friend to buy some lunch.

Angry as we weren't doing anything wrong. (4)

Angry because we were not doing anything and we had no where else to go.

Angry, annoyed and scared.

Angry, because I wasn't doing any harm.

Angry, judges and spiteful.

Angry, uncomfortable.

Angry, upset & worried.

Angry, we were doing no harm.

Angry, we were just standing there.

Angry, we where doing & nothing wrong.

Angry. (25)

Annoyed (4)

Annoyed - behaviour of some young people give us a bad reputation - assumed by public (especially older people) that we are all the same

Annoyed - didn't do anything wrong.

Annoyed and angry. (2)

Annoyed and disappointed.

Annoyed and disrespected. (2)

Annoyed and frustrated as we didn't do anything.

Annoyed and like I couldn't [be] trusted.

Annoyed and Pre-judged.

Annoyed and resentful.

annoyed angry worried

Annoyed as I have every right to be there as them.

Annoyed as I was judged by someone who didn't know me.

Annoyed as we were just talking to anyone group of friends.

Annoyed as we weren't doing anything wrong get we were told to more.

Annoyed as we weren't doing anything wrong, being noisy or arts school.

Annoyed as we weren't doing anything.

Annoyed because I didn't do anything wrong (4).

Annoyed because I was doing no harm.

Annoyed because just because were young, doesn't mean we're hoodlums.

Annoyed because there's no who else to go and it wasn't their land.

Annoyed because they assumed we were going to do something bad.

Annoyed because we were doing no harm.

annoyed because we were not causing any trouble (2)

Annoyed because we were not causing harm/irritation to others.

Annoyed because we were simply standing talking.

Annoyed because we weren't doing anything wrong. (2)

Annoyed because we weren't doing anything. (2)

Annoyed embarrassed and shocked because we weren't doing anything wrong

annoyed embarresed

Annoyed Just becasue I am young and with my friends does not mean I will commit a crime.

Annoyed mostly because I wasn't doing any harm. My group of friends and myself where leaving a local park area after spending the day sitting talking and when walking through the car park we met another group of people from our year and we stopped for literally 10 seconds just to say hi and the police told us we had to leave the area.

Annoyed slightly as there was many of us.

annoyed that i cannont be trusted because im a teenager

Annoyed that people assume you will cause trouble because you aer young.

Annoyed, we might have been to loud I'm not sure.

Annoyed, we weren't doing anything wrong.

Annoyed. (43)

annoyed. rebelious. angry. hurt.

Annoyed. There's no where else for us to go to hang out and we weren't doing anything wrong.



As I was doing something wrong, when I wasn't.

As if I was up to no good when I was just talking.

As if they thought we were going to cause trouble.

As if we don't count

As if we were doing something wrong!

As though I was away.

As though I was being given a stereotype - being judged.

As though we were scary/causing trouble/felt unwelcome.

At one time I didn't pass remarks as it was my regular.

awful, like I'm only alowed to stand in certain places in public becasue of my age


Awkward and out of place.

Awkward like thugs.


Bad and Guilty.

Bad because we went doing nothing wrong.

Bad because we would just be standing talking.

Bad not comfortable with what age I am.

Bad plot - it is their property.

bad. as if i was doing something wrong. when the real reason we were standing there was because there was nowhere else to go.


Bit annoyed as I did not feel I was putting anyone in danger of scaring anybody.

Bit stupid & as if I had done something wrong.

Confused & angry as we weren't causing trouble.

Confused and angry.

Confused and annoyed (3)

Confused Annoyed Stereotyped Angry.

Confused as to what I had done wrong.


Considering who it's from, I didn't care.


De-valued in society.

Deeply sad as I am just a person like everyone else.

Degraded, untrustworthy & small.


Did not really bother me as we were not doing anything wrong.

Didn't affect me in any sort of way.

Didn't bother me.

Didn't bothered me because i didn't do anything wrong.

Didn't Care. (3)

Didn't Matter.

Didn't mind it.

Didn't Mind. (2)

Didn't really bother me.

Disappointed in local community members for thinking poorly of young people.

Discriminated against. (2)

Discussed it was because I was in my school uniform waiting on the bus.

Disrespect for the police.

Disrespected and judged because of my age.

Disrespected because we are younger.

disrespected in many ways offended. looked down upon

Disrespected, undervalued, under work.

Disrespected. (8)

Don't be trusted.

Don't care (2)

Embarassed and disrespected.

Embarrassed & judged wrongly.

Embarrassed and angry.

Embarrassed and annoyed. (2)

Embarrassed Em that we can't stand where we want.

Embarrassed! (3)

Excluded from the community.

Fair enough - probably annoying them, I probably wouldn't like it.

Fair enough - we were kinda in the way

Feel guilty even though I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Feel that we couldnt socialise in our street

Felt as though I was being judged.

Felt excluded from the community and confused because they done the same thing at my age.


Frustrated and angry.

Frustrated that there was nowhere else to go without annoying someone else

Frustrated, we were only talking.


Gritted, that we were make feel different and outsets.

Guilty - we were being too noisy.

Guilty for no reason & angry.

Guilty for something I hadnt even done and humiliated in front of the public

Guilty, even though we were not doing wrong.

Had no immediate emotional reaction to this, I could see how it would seem intimidating.

Honestly pissed off.

Humiliated and embarrassed.

I didn't care.

I didn't mind.

I don't care.

I felt discriminated against as they were accusing us of doing something bad

I felt like a criminal.

I felt this was disrespectful towards me.

I understand that groups of young people standing around maybe blocking entrances to shops but it mostly made me feel annoyed as we weren't doing anything sinister.

I was insulted as young people have a right to go everywhere.

I was quite confused when we only waiting on a friend.

If I was messing around It wouldn't bother me I would simply laugh about it and move on. If i wasn't causing any harm in any way or form I would feel annoyed due to the fact that I generally don't get in trouble - but I know now that in someones eyes I appear to be the steriotypical teenage brat.

Immature and patronised.


Insulted, unwanted and confused.


Intimidated. (2)

it can make u feel angry upset annoyed disappointed. also make it very irritating how the adults believe most teens are like the 'ASBO' teens get upto no good. no everyone is like that.

It didn't bother me to much its normal but shouldn't be. A little unfair and judgmental of the accuser.

It didnt really affect me very much as i have other places that i could go to.

it made me feel angry as i was doing no harm and feel as if other young people that are out on the street causing trouble are giving other good teenagers a bad name.

It made me feel angry as they tarnish all young people with the same negative stereotypical views. It was very unfair as all of the time i was told to move on or not allowed into a shop I was doing nothing wrong.

It made me feel as if I did something wrong when I didn't.

It made me feel as if I was doing something wrong and I wasn't.

It made me feel as if i wasn't as important as the rest of the people around me just because i'm young. Older people think that just because we are young we will get up to bad behaviour but i know i wouldn't cause i respect the place i live in and the people who live there.

It made me feel bad for just standing around (almost ashamed).

It made me feel disrespected and also made me feel like i was a child even though i was not doing anything wrong.

It made me feel like I couldn't be myself in the place I live.

It made me feel like I done something wrong.

It made me feel like I was being made unwelcome.

It made me feel not happy as we weren't doing anything wrong.

It made me feel very disrespected.

It was degrading as it is a free country.

Judged based on others building a name for teenagers unjust and unfair.

Judged. (3)

Just annoyed.

Less important, judged that we were doing something wrong even after we were not.

Less respect for those who did it strong dislike as if being attacked for no reason

like we didnt have a right when we did!!

Like a bad influence on society.

Like a criminal. (6)

Like a delinquent.

Like a twat - unloved, useless.

Like a was nothing.

Like I didn't matter.

Like I had no say at all.

Like I was a bad person and up to no good.

Like I was being judged because I m a teenager.

like i was being stereotyped.

Like I was being treated like I didn't deserve to be on that street.

Like I was doing something wrong and I wasn't.

Like I was doing something wrong by hanging with friends.

Like i was doing something wrong when I wasn't.

Like I was doing something wrong.

Like I was trespassing on someone else's property even though I wasn't

Like I wasn't meant to be there.

Like I wasn't wanted there.

Like I' am less important.

Like me and my friends were there only to make trouble.

Like we didn't belong in the community.

Like we were causing harm when we were just standing talking.

Like we were criminals or thugs.

Like we were doing something really bad

like we were doing something wrong

Like we were doing something wrong but we were only chatting.

Like we were under confusion where were we supposed to go? Home and act socialise.

Like we werent trusted and that the people didnt feel save with us there

Like you don't have the night to stand there.

Live a child.

Looked down upon.

Mad as we were not loud or disruptive at all.

Mad. (2)

Made me feel annoyed and judged by someone who doesn't know me.

Made me feel as if I was always going to be negatively prejudged because I was a young person.

Made me feel guilty that I done something I hadn't.

Made me feel like I didn't have a human right to be there.

made me feel like i was 'hoodie'

Made me laugh.

Makes you feel bad as you could just be standing there with friends and not doing anything wrong but because you're young people assume that you are up to the wrong things when you aren't

Misjudged. (2)

Mrs Judged.

No rights, not equal.


Not good - untrusted and angry.

Not Good. (2)

Not impressed at all.

Not to good.

not trustworthy

Not wanted around the village.

Not wanted.

Offended and angry.

Offended and annoyed.

Ok because I wouldn't want anyone standing round my door.


Pre-judged and irritated.

Prejudged and under valued.

Quite angry as we were doing nothing wrong.



Restricted to certain areas.

Sad and suspicious.

Sad Angry.

Sad that I couldn't stand and chat.

Sad. (2)


Scared and Annoyed as it was in my own area.

Shocked and quite annoyed.

Showed threatened & upset.

Slightly angry but more disappointed and sad than anything.



That I did something wrong.

That I was doing wrong.

That i wasnet even doing anything wrong an madd at the person.

that it was unfair.

That people did not trust me or my friends.

That people have hardly any respect.

That we were being an annoyance.

this made me feel insignificant and inferier as if i were being treated like a child.

This made me feel like my friends and I were not allowed to have a laugh outside anywhere.

Un-trusted, discriminated against.


Uncomfortable & embarrassed.

uncomfortable as was not up to anything bad just standing talking

Uncomfortable. (2)

undermined as if i was some sort of human pollution littering the street i felt rejected from society to a certain degree & lost my hope in the vision of equality in human treatment.

Unfairly treated for my age group if this had of been other adults it is unlikely that they would have been treted in the same way

Unimportant and not respected

Untrusted, patronised, angry.

Unwanted and annoyed.

Unwanted and unfairly judged.

Unwanted, feeling I had nowhere to go.

Unwanted, like we were outsiders.

Unwanted. (4)

Unwelcome and discriminated against.



Upset because we will just annoy others.

upsetlike i was doing something wrong.

Upsetting as we were not causing trouble.

Useless, we are judged to much.

Very angry.

very annoyed as we were doing nothing wrong. we had nowhere else to go as in mount eagles the club is only open once a week and for one hour which is pointless

very annoyed cause i should have the right to stand anywhere on a public street aslong as im not disruptive

Very Annoyed.

Very disrespected.

Very unwanted and stereotyped as a mischief teenager.

Very unwelcome and as if i was misbehaving.

Very upsetting.


Victimised. I felt I could not be trusted even though I don't look at all threatening.

Victimized and frustrated as we were not doing anything wrong.

Wasn't really bothered.

We were angry because we don't damage or do anything wrong we just chat and have a laugh.

we were being judged as bad" youth"

We weren't doing anything wrong, felt unwanted.

when these things happen you feel shamed and also you feel as if some people are not being fair i think it is awful as young people are the voices for the future and older people should respect that as we have to show leadership as things are changing and some of us our responceable for this and some are good yet some are bad. I am a member of the mourne youth council in kilkeel and I think this project is very useful and also good fun as we get to say what we think and we are heard.

Worry & annoyed.



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