Year: 2010

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'If the government had extra money available for play and leisure for young people, how would you suggest they should spend this money?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred. Number in parantheses indicates frequency if the same response was given more than once.

3D pitchers.

A better range of extra curricular activities after school and at weekends.

A big leisure complex with facilities for lots of sports.

A bowling alley and an ice-skating rink in lisburn.

A bowling alley or an ice rink. Something the whole family can enjoy.

A cinema in my local area.

A community centre or youth club so were not always freezing & hanging around the streets.

A gym, with outdoor facilities, and lights outside so as they can still play at night after work.

A larger variety of activites should be available.

A leisure for our area cause there is nothing here for us.

A make facilities cleaner all maintained to a high standard.

A new play park. A Pool.

A new youth/leisure centre where people can participate in activities and meet new people.

A park and a leisure centre for kids and adults.

A play area for younger children and somewhere for teenager to go to at night.

A proper indoor football pitch in more areas as towards this time of year outdoor pitches tend to flood.

A purpose youth centre indoors with outside facilities.

A range of activities for all children of all needs.

a teenage nightclub or night base

Add ice skating, add slides etc to swimming pool, park that suits my age group. More activities of any sort for something to do.

Additional bus router in the country so that transport may not be an issue.

Adventure parks.

Advertising for and encouraging smaller businesses to open craft/activity shops e.g. day workshops. Cutting events (more of them) like Belfast culture night. Graffiti walls.

Allow everyone to have equal treatment. No city should be different to a rural town/village.

An astro turf or a youth club that opened more than one night per week.

An average amount of the money should be put into the ideas of young people.

an ice bowl or somewhere safe that is open later at night

An ice rink in Coleraine, more cheap but fun facilities.

Any facilities in my area at all as there is a lot of young people and no play area or leisure area. There is a hall but events that take place in it would be for older people. People from all areas and religions getting together and taking part in competitions, games etc.

Artificial playing surfaces for sports so less matches are called off because of weather.

Ask young children to what they would like to have as they are the ones using it.

asking kids in poorer areas if there is anything they can do to help that community

Asking young people what they feel the money should be spent on and have them work with the adults on spending it.

Asking young people what they would like in their local park or play area.

Asking young people what they would like.

Astro turf (water based) pitches at all schools. Each town to have an indoor Astro turf pitch so hockey matches in winter are not cancelled & our training session.

Astro turf football pitches.

Attempt to bring new facilities to the area rather than repeat was already available.

Ballet - cleaning facilities up, so they are more welcoming & nicer to look at! Area Foyle St (e.g.)!

better coaches

Better facilities. (2)

Better facilities/transport in rural areas.

Better facility for disabled people.

Better places/ parks for my age group

Better school facilities e.g. gym.

Better sporting facilities.

Better sports facilities in schools.

Better swimming pools, football courts/pitches gym's.

Better transport facilities for people who live in less populated places.

Better youth clubs and places to go for the going people and better transport nothing to so not the weekends when with friends.

Better/cheaper transport, more advertising of groups/events for young people. More events that aren't based on religion or involve religion.

Bigger, better & more advanced facilities open 24/7.

Bowling Alley, Ice rink, - these facilities closer to skate boarding park, home. Mini 200, nature trail/park/garden.

Bowling Alley, Ice rink, funding for youth clubs.


Brighten up play areas and parks for young people.

Bringing in more facilities which allow more/different activities to take place.

Bringing more fairs etc to here.

Build a cinema in Limavady instead of having a half an hour drive to get to the cinema in Coleraine.

Build a cinema in Magherafelt.

Build a leisure centre in my town.

Build a local swimming pool.

Build a park and football field in Bellany Crescent.

Build a place for young children to play for example a safe park.

Build a skate park in Ballyclare!

Build a youth area with a pool and games.

Build football pitches for young children.

Build ice skating ring in my area as many people like this sport.

Build indoor water parks, have more ice rinks for ice-skating. Have more/better health suites and spas.

Build more areas for children to rlax and play use old buildings that currently arent being used for anything its a shame to see them waste

Build more areas for teenagers to hang out. Should have more cinemas etc.

Build more complexes people can hang out in.

Build more cycle ways and walk ways through Northern Ireland.

Build more parks for young people or some soft of free indoor play. For teenagers youth clubs and halls.

Build more parks with things such as a place for skateboarding and long paths for walking and cycling.

Build more play areas and football pitches etc, in an open park with nothing in it.

build more play facities for teenagers instead of just for young children

Build more please like indoor football or astro ford.

Build more spa's and more swimming pools with slides and fun stuff for people so they will keep on coming back.

Build more swimming pools with facilities for badminton, tennis etc.

Build more youth clubs or even extend the wons that are in area's already.

Build more.

build new faclities in Belfast as the best sporting faclities are approximatly 30 minutes away in University of Ulster Jordanstown. More tournaments within which will inmprove the friendly competitiveness between schools and clubs.

Build on indoor swimming pool closer to my area.

Build or make more activities for the older teenagers e.g. gyms, skate & parks etc.

Build parks that would be safe to be in.

Build parties/play areas for kids.

Build some kind of leisure facility centre available for young teenager.

Build something for the teenagers

Build sports halls and leisure centers.

Building a concert arena in unused land around the Poyle in Derry.

Building facilities for leisure & encouraging use of the facilities & leisure buildings in general.

building more parks and having more youth centres for young people

Building more sports facilities. Building repairing areas e.g. parks.

Building something which is usefully to all young people (cinema, bowling).

uilding youth club. Bring in roller skating.

Buy more swings and roundabouts.

By building more sports complexes and leisure centres

By buliding a leisure complex locally as for eg. the nearest swimming pool/cinema is 14miles away.

By buying more land and make more parks and football pitches.

By creating more youth clubs and more activities that don't cost money.

by creating areas of leisure that are in demand of the children and improving the quality of facilities that are already there

By creating more organisations to get kids involved in a healthy & active lifestyle as obesity is going up amongst the whole population children need to be educated upon the benefits of a good physical help. With increasing petrol prices it is making parents less inclined to transport their children to lesuire centres and sporting facilities & children are sitting in far to often & in my opinion wasting there unknown talents.

By giving extra facilities in the poorest areas so we don't have to use transport, so it would be walking distance.

By having a whole leisure centre in one in the middle of Newey and that all people's leisure needs are in one place.

By having more youth halls, to play badminton, volleyball and netball etc. Community Gyms.

By helping more young people at an earlier age to get into sports more facilities, coaching staff.

By imparting hygiene and safety around the play areas by hiving more cleaners etc and also have more fun activities for the children to play in these areas.

By improving the leisure facilities in local areas.

By increasing the amount of facilities and activities for young people to do.

by making a place for young people to go to to socialise and make new friends!! so they have something to doo!!

By making better facilities inside the leisure centres such as bigger gyms & swimming pools. We need better parks as well that suit toddlers as well as young children.

by making more facilities available

By reducing entrance fees or by creating a place of play/leisure facilities for young people only.

By setting up fun days in local towns and improving facilities in local towns. By providing equipment or giving discount to schools and clubs for equipment. Improving trasnport to sports facilities.

Cheaper gyms and more swimming facilities.

cheaper leisure activities for both girls and boys

Cheaper transport, more activities for weekends e.g. under 18 clubs.

Cinema and pool complex.

cinema bowling

Cinema in Portadown, another library in Portadown, the one in town is too small.

Cinema. (2)

Cinemas in smaller towns.

Clean Swimming Pools. Make them Che[a]per.

Clean up the Dundonald ice rink, a new leisure centre in newtownards offering more activities.

Cleaner & better equipped parks.

Cleaning up sometimes and making them safer for some children.

clubs and societies in schools chance for people to become involved in sport and other activities easily through school

Clubs for 14-17 year olds.

Clubs like boxing or football set up in areas with high youth crime rates.

Community centres for older teenagers, but not youth clubs with young children.

Complex including a bowling alley, ice-skating rink and a swimming pool.

Constructing parks or youth centers around housing area.

Consult with young people - they are the ones using the facilities. More sports that are less available - tennis, horse riding & hockey.

Create bigger facilities such as a bigger gym or swimming pool etc.

Create facilities were teenagers can go to hang out without any bother.

Create more cultural activities in the East Belfast area e.g. invest in drama, music and art facilities in the area - campaign to get more involved in these activities.

Create more facilities.

Create youth centres.

Creating alternative places for young people to hang about in, rtaher than those too young to get into bars, resulting n hanging around street corners annoying residents

Creating leisure areas for teenagers & older children that are regularly accessible.

Creating more easily accessable sports facilities that aren't too expensive to use.

Creating youth centres or somewhere for young people to go and hang out.

Cross - Community activities and more open areas like parks.

Dance studies, improve parks, younger fitness facilities that would attract that target range.

Decent leisure centres/swimming pool for youths.

Decrease entrance fees and try to improve the facilities.

Design or create an area for older people 16+ to go and hangout with easy other not a club!

1 Designing something for teenagers specify as most leisure and play areas are for small children or for adults.

Develop a sports/leisure facility close to an area where there is a lack of these.

Develop areas for young people to gather with adult supervision and improve sporting facilities.

Develop areas for young people to gather with adult supervision to prevent vandalism/bullying etc. Improve sporting facilities for clubs etc.

Develop better sports facilities for schools.

Develop more leisure facilities in rural areas.

Develop new facilities and put more into town.

Developing leisure & sporting activities for kids to lower the obesity level & get kids off streets.

Developing more leisure facilities to get young people off the streets and trips for young people as drug use is increasing heavily.

Developing somewhere suitable for older children.

Development of youth clubs for smaller towns.

Development schemes to get young people into sports - summer camps, stay overnight meet people over N-1, developing skills & friendships.

Different zone areas for different age groups.

Dirt track for goods and scramblers.

Do monthly events for the young people

Do something for older teenagers (15-17 years) because that why young people drink and sit about the street because there's nothing to do.

Doing up play parks for children. Having gyms for more teenagers.

Don't build any more play and leisure facilities in big cities but improve the facilities to make them easier accessible and more attractive to young people.

Don't Know. (10)

Don't spend it on us develop the economy with any money available. So I have a job when I graduate.

Donate money to local sports clubs, community groups etc.

Due to the freezing weather in N. Ireland and rain I think it would be good if there was indoor hockey pitches so I don't freeze!

Dunno. (2)

EMA to everyone.

Encouraging youth groups/enjoyable, positive ways for young people to spend their free time.

Ensure teachers choose teams etc based on talent and attendance and not favourites

Ensuring leisure centers are clear and also better public transport to the facilities.

Equal amounts to cash agent. At just football and to more popular agents.

Equipment and facilities for different activities.

Establishing specialised groups to obtain a wide variety of sports e.g. Archery.

Expand all amount of activities in one area not have the same as everywhere else.

Expand the libraries their range of books is very limited.

Facilities in rural areas or provide transport to and from rural areas to facilties.

Facilities like bowling alleys, ice rinks, cinemas, wider range of shops - that would bring more money and people to the area as well.

Finding for school gyms and facilities to stay open for leisure time after school.

fitness equipment

Fitness facility's for young people

Fix up some of the older facilities before creating new ones.

Flood lights for football pitches.

Football facilities and more training schemes.

Football pitch all weather.

Football pitches. (3)

For leisure activities that actually work. I don't understand why the government waste so much money on alcoholics etc. when young deprived people need an activities to, often take them away from reality.

Free dance classes

Free excess to facilities for youth more handball courts-out of hours opening at weekends.

free gym membership until 18

Free leisure centres.

Free membership for gym's etc up to 18 years.

Free midnight football leagues that any one could partake in with in age limitations.

Free Transport. Cut Prices.

Fun activities to keep people fit, cool like Hip-Hop or some kind of dance.

Funding their athletes a bit better for their sporting talents and enable them to gain experience by travelling abroad.

Get an ice skating rink & concert hall.

Get more concerts into the area.

Get more parks.

Get one ice rink in Omagh.

Get softer play parks, more things to do around wee villages.

Getting youth centres for 16 year olds.

Give children all free passes for leisure centres and gyms.

Give children more chances to experience the chance to use these facilities more often, by getting together and providing transport.

Give each young people extra money for their entrance make more gyms for 16 year olds instead of 18's.

Give grants to keep halls (for youth clubs etc) in good condition. Pay some people to organize more activities.

Give it to me.

Give it to our parents, for them to give it to us for a social life.

Give it to youth club so they can improve facilities.

give more money to youth clubs around our area so they can produce more activities and also facilities for the youth. also have more projects running for example cross community. another would be to provide the parks with more useful things and to think about teenagers not only young children

Give the money to us.

Give to churches who spend time with youth and other community organizations.

Give us more things to do in the community.

Giving people a place to go that isn't seen as strictly for one type of person.

Go to the towns/villages with less facilities first, then improve from there.

Good leisure centre including 10 pin booking and proper concert venue.

Grants for sports club to help pay for the facilities so that fees are lower.

Grants to youth clubs and gaelic clubs.

grassroots football for young children

green areas - parks

Gross community activities to bring young together in areas of sporting activities etc.

Gym equipment in school or college.

Gym's for younger people, memberships are to expensive and to pay everytime is also very expensive.

Gymnastic centre or leisure complex.

Half price days in the cinema or swimming pool etc or something similar.

Have a variety of sports, not just football.

Have different new activities in different towns so there is a variety because all the fun activities are in Belfast.Ask each town what they fel they need.

Have free or reduced prices on cinema tickets etc for lower earning families.

Have more activities like dancing classes or spinning to exercise but in a fun way.

Have more football pitches and basketball courts where there is none.

Have more money for trips for youth clubs.

have more social activites in country areas

Have more things in our area to do!

Have more youth groups for all ages as I know people who attend them and have got a lot of out of them and the leaders have helped them a lot.

Having if more widely available across the country.

Having something for people between the ages of 15 - 18 as there is nothing for them and it would take them off the street. Examples would be: discos, sports club with both sports and gym.

having somewhere were people of my age to meet and have leisure activites

I am a runner and where I live there is little facilities for training, that are safe or adequate. Running is ever growing in popularty. Yet with no nearby facilities several of us travel to avail of those in Belfast nearly an hour jorney. A track in the Newry area would be widely used.

I believe the government should spend the money new centres which young people can learn instruments, languages, write articles or magazines which they could access at the weekend.

I believe they should look at deprived areas then ask children teens & families for suggestions.

I bigger gym's more spaces.

I don't know hold a meeting and invite young people to it and see everyone's views on it.

I don't know I rarely visit these facilities.

1 I don't know.

I feel the government should build a leisure centre in every community or should consider what young people are interested in today and build on area for their purpose.

I Feel they should consider investing the money in to a project which has been designed & decided on for everyone, as then there will be usage of it.

I have always wanted to do gymnastics but my nearest gymnasiun is Lisburn. I would like to se one in Dungannon Portadown or Armagh.

I suggest that they ask the young people from the areas that need developed and to actually listen to what they have to say instead of ignoring our opinions as per usual.

I suggest they build a gym but make it cheaper than all the other gyms as young people can't afford the prices other gyms in our area are requiring.

I suggest they should spend the money on providing better sports facilities such as swimming pools and gyms that are accessible and affordable to young people.

i think it would be better spent on other things

I think personally that there should be somewhere for 16 and over to go and meet socially not for destroying or in the future to close due to lack of money or funding.

I think that affordable interesting and fun leisure areas that are local for people aged 14-15 to around 18-19 this will attract people in which would reduce things like under age drinking and vandalism or the main course is bored teenagers young adults.

I think that they should build a club in Colerain for 16 year olds and over (roughly up to the age of 19). It could be a non-alcoholic nightclub.

I think that they should open a youth centre. Were all the children could play and do all kinds of activities?.

I think they should have a music school that helps develop all musical areas and either to not cost at all or to nt cost too much

i think they should have local outdoor gyms so kids can use them and get fit my friends and i want to work out but most gyms are 18 plus we have a school gym but it is not open every day and the day it is open are not suitable for myself and my friends. it is open to the public after school but my friends and i can not afford to go as it is expensive but also we still havent learned to drive and are very dependent on our families.

I think they should refurbish the local leisure centre as it isn't very appealing to teenagers who don't just want to swim lengths.

I think they should spend it on a place that is interesting and fun for young people to go to.

I think they should spend it on making it more appealing to teenagers and not so 'kidlike'. I also think that leisure facilities like a gym/pool should be put into every small villages in an area.

i would have an area where teenagers can go to in the evenings (especially friday and saturday nights) - this could mean a decrease in anti-social behaviour. they could offer free tea coffee hot chocolate biscuits etc. games that encourage socialising could be used.

I would honestly prefer if the leisure centres were less cut-off from where the majority of people live. Where I live I have to cut through numerous streets and passes to get to some areas. I would like public areas where people live to be cut-off from things such as playgrounds whilst having nice parks with playgrounds in them and also the ability to walk around. I apologise for my answer being so forced (I think that's the word I'm looking for).

I would like there to be more outdoor pursuit centres like raft building, hovercrafting.

I would organise a day and get a few people from each school in the area, and come up with ideas or suggestions, e.g. a hall to play in, sheet your friends, that isn't just for Catholics or Protestants.

i would suggest that they invest in somthing that all young people would enjoy as everyone has different personalitys which means they will enjoy different activities.

i would suggest they invest more in the facilities available to local community centres and the courses and activties offered there.

I would suggest they spend the money on providing leisure centres in non interface areas.

I would suggest they stop wasting money on play and leisure and start putting it back in to education, where it should be . I would rather have the security that I will be able to afford university costs than have a new play park.

I would suggest to add better leisure facilities in places outside Belfast.

Ice skating rink, bringing the cost of the cinema down and have more student deals. Create more 'teen' friendly environments e.g. cafes that open later.

Ideally, it would be great to have a wide or more open variety of leisure facilities in every path if possible.

If the government had extra money available I would suggest them to do a lot more activities for teenagers.

Improve existing facilities.

Improve facilities (less cost).

Improve indoor sport facilities in the area for winter months

Improve leisure centre.

Improve standing leisure and play centres and try to subsidies to lower costs of entrance. Also train more youth workers and set up new youth centres and activity centres.

Improve the leisure centres and swimming pools.

Improvement in rural facilities.

Improvement of facilities better advisability for different age groups

Improving all leisure centres and updating and create new play areas.

Improving and upgrading facilities or giving it to sport clubs to improve their own facilities.

Improving current facilities. Doing research and finding out where there is a lack of facilities and then provide them with facilities.

Improving existing facilities and building new facilities in rural areas.

Improving facilities. (2)

Improving parks and removing broken glass bottles.

Improving public football pitches such as Dunleath in Downpatrick.

Improving safety in activities such as sport.

Indoor swimming pool in my area.

In fixing up all council ground that is waste/derelict and through different projects get all the community involved to make it into allotments/park/gardens etc.

In more youth clubs and groups to help keep young people off the streets.

In my area a swimming pool would be an advantage or money to start up youth clubs again.

In my town particularly have a cinema, more sport, better leisure facilities. The[y] would bring more teenagers off the street, away from drink and to sports. Start certain clubs e.g. hip hop classes, boxing that young people are interested in.

In this town, on a cross-community youth project.

Increase EMA.

Increasing the monitoring of usage of public facilities and the surrounding area to ensure safety

Indoor areas for people aged 16-18 to go because the government are always complaining that we hang about streets, but if we had somewhere enjoying to go, we'd go there.

Indoor multisport pitch for hockey, football etc. e.g. at (UK).

Indoor skating rank.

Inside areas for young people 16-18 places.

Into making better, improved facilities for young people.

Invest in leisure complexes for towns instead of concentrating on their money being spent on these facilities in larger cities.

Invest in my local area- Aghagallon. there is very little to do which results in most teenagers hanging around the streets drinking and misbehaving.

Invest in youth sports and have more community activities.

Invest into schools, will be available for the majority of children.

Invest their money into the most popular sports/activities.

Investing in leisure facilities which do not suit the complete needs for every individuals e.g. people with disabilities should have the easiest of access to everything.

Investing in youth clubs : Deprived areas.

It should be spend on fun leisure at the 16 years olds.

It should be spent on programmes for children with special educational needs and children of an older age group.

Just centres where young people can go to socialise with others.

Leisure: swimming pools etc.

Light night cafe for young people to hang out in.

Local leisure centre, with pool, gym and sports available also local park with football pitch.

localised leisure facilities - omniplex

Look at statistics of crime and anti-social behaviour by young ones and invest most of there many into these areas. They could organise more activities in the area such as dancing, yoga, football, music etc.

Lower cost of gym membership.

Lower prices in many institution. More wide range e.g. golf, tennis etc not just cinema & swimming pool.

Lowering costs/funds

Make a place where children can go to hang out eg. a clubhouse

Make a wider range of sports available at leisure facilities e.g. fencing and boxing.

Make current facilties bigger or larger.

Make facilities cheaper for student's and cut down the price.

Make facilities larger with more equipment.

Make fees cheaper or make them free for leisure centres.

Make gym fees cheaper for those still in full time education, not just those under 16 years old.

Make leisure centres free for students.

Make leisure facilities available to everyone but not just sporting facilities literary extra-curricular and charity work too.

Make more activities available to young people.

Make more activities for teenagers to do, this would keep them off the streets and stop anti-social behaviour. They should make the activities interesting to attract young people and also make them local and easily accessible in all areas.

Make more facilities for young people to use in their free time, such as swimming pools, youth clubs.

Make more groups available & make it cheaper for young adults.

Make more things available for teenagers and also light up the facilities that are available now.

Make public transport better especially from small towns or villages where buses come every hour

Make sure the facilities are well kept and clean by employing more people to do so and making sure the facilities are not easily vandalized.

Make the play parks better for younger children & create somewhere for teenagers to go.

Make them better.

Making community groups for 15-19 year olds to help prepare them for the big world of work.

Making facilities so that as many people as possible can enjoy them, more movie complexes, ice rinks, bowling and make them safe!

Making good use of existing facilities, such as community halls at weekends to have live local ponds etc.

Making leisure facilities cheaper building more of a range of leisure facilities

Making more places for teenagers e.g. shopping centres and more places for teenagers to hang out instead of being out on the streets.

Making more play parks filled with more than just one slide and swing or more leisure centres with bun water slides and in turn attract a wider audience.

Making new football fields and new basketball court

making public transport free so as more people will use busses trains etc. meaning easier acess to leisure activities

Making sure rural areas have some facilities with proper supervision.

making tennis more accessible by runnng government run clubs

Making the areas safer-drug users and alcohol users scare people away from certain play and leisure areas.

Many buildings close to where I live are becoming increasingly derelict - these such buildings could be put to good use.

Maybe creating a skate park as that sport is not faciliated in very many places.

Maybe get people in from different organisations to go to different areas and do different team building activities etc. Also young people shouldn't have to pay as much for things live swimming, money for membership in football clubs etc.

Modernise the facilities already in place or build a big concert stadium nearer to where I live.

More activities facilities available in less contoversal sectarian locations. also their should be sheltered areas for young people to hang out in during evening times playparks for older children such as 14+ without supervision just a sheltered area where teens can hangout and parents know where it is.

More activities for 15-17 year olds.

More activities for children to do.

More activities for free, e.g. swimming, football on a good surface.

More activities for teenagers.

More after school clubs, more community clubs.

More areas for cycling, more parks with swings for older teenagers.

More areas for out door activities e.g. Skate parks and areas for trial bikes. Make the play park bitter, by adding more equipment and picnic areas. Private transport for youth groups.

more areas for teenagers to socialise rather than out on street

More boxing clubs.

More centres & games courts.

More cheap days out that aren't normal activities e.g. paintballing & rock climbing.

More cinemas leisure centres, parks in areas where the facilities aren't already available also, another suggestion would be to update facilities.

More colourful & more things to do.

More easy access for disabled children in play and leisure centres.

More exercise gained at local leisure centres.

More facilities available in leisure centers, for example swimming pools.

More facilities for 16-18 year olds to go to, to spend time.

More facilities for 16+ youths concerts/youth clubs just for people 16+.

More facilities for my age group.

More facilities for people over 16 but under 18

More facilities for sports & fitness.

More facilities for teenager eg. bowling alley.

More facilities for teenagers - swimming and cycling.

More facilities in the estates.

More facilities, centres etc.

More facilities. (2)

More facilities. Lower costs for students.

More football pitches.

More fun activities to do for leisure.

More get away places for teenagers!

More gyms and lighting in playing fields.

More indoor areas.

More indoor facilities such as sports grounds and courts (Especially for the winter).

More indoor things for teenages eg wall climbing lazer quest

More initiatives to encourage sport and leisure amongst young people. More opportunities to gain skills in a fun way.

More leisure centres, like swimming pools with school etc. More dance room to practice in.

More local facilities easier access and lower costs.

More local outdoor policies i.e. BMX, skateboard parks.

More modern facilities.

More money given out to local communities make more astre pitches, make things affordable for parents.

More money into school sports/ give grants to sports teams so people dont have to pay as much money to be in a team

More money should be spend on the performing arts.

More night time leisure activities for young people to stop rise in under age drinking and keep young people off the streets in gangs at night.

More outreach to youths, more youth centres etc to keep children from drugs & alcohol.

More parks and ther places for young people to visit

more places for teenagers to hang out

More places for teenagers to hang out rather than just children.

More places to go out at night like Bowling Alleys etc around our area.

More play areas & more facilities for teenagers.

More play areas for young children (under 16) places to congregate for teenagers (16+).

More play areas for young children. Public parks, greens etc. should be developed.

More play areas that are not vandalised by teenage drinking and more affordable leisure areas.

More protection for facilities. More local facilities, the only leisure centres in North Belfast or in loyalist areas where Catholics can not attend in confidence unless in a group.

More public gyms.

More public parks.

More range of sports on national curriculum so young people would increase amount of extra-curricular sport hence the government could spend more money on better sporting facilities.

More recreational facilities such as - outdoor pursuits centres, leisure complexes.

More shops in Ballymoney and also a cinema because Ballymoney doesn't have one.

More social events for my age group, e.g. concerts, nights out. More sporting and leisure facilities easily accessible for the younger population.

More sport specific grounds such as Skateboarding etc.

More sporting facilities.

More sports centres that children/young people can enjoy for example that have swimming pools dance classes etc. Fun activites.

More sports clubs and sports facilities, a wider range of sports on offer at local sports centres.

More sports clubs and youth clubs. Large community events getting different groups like BD's, Cadets, Youth clubs etc together for a day/weekend.

More sports facilities e.g. indoor tennis.

More sports pitches and cheaper costs of leisure facilities.

More sports pitches.

More sports/gym facilities.

More swimming pool and leisure centre, more youth club facilities.

More swimming pools bike tracks (e.g bmx)

More teenage activities.

More teenage friendly spaces

More things introduced such as a bigger variety so people have more of a choice.

More things should be placed in the suburbs for example, in order to go bowling it costs the price to bowl plus bus or train journey.

More things to do for all age groups e.g. more ice skating rinks

More youth centers specialized in dealing with a child's hobby.

More youth centres for older people, teenagers to get together.

more youth clubs

More youth clubs and parks.

More youth clubs facilities.

More youth clubs or places for teenagers to hang out, and not having them on streets, giving themselves a bad name, when really they are just bored with nowhere to go.

More youth clubs, leisure centres and pools. All with better facilities.

More youth clubs. Educate people more about children and adults with special needs.

More youth group but make them relevant for our age group.

More youth groups based around ages, which you can join and offer you different activities at a discounted rate.

Multi-purpose sports arena near Moira, Hockey, Football, Tennis, Netball, Basketball & Athletics etc. Play parks.

Music Festivals e.g. "Oxygen".

New leisure centers.

New swimming pool locally.

Night club facilities for under 18's.

Not on one single thing - different things for different areas and people in the area.

Not squander limited money on politicians salaries!!!!

On a campaign to get young people to take part in healthier forms of leisure like physical exercise, rather than anti-social or less healthy forms etc - motivation is a key factor.

On a decent leisure centre in the town instead of spending it on perfectly good footpaths. Wider range of activities instead of usual. A lot more activities with roofs because the weather in the UK is so unreliable.

On a gym for us.

On activities for teenagers or social gatherings.

On building an all weather sports arena for all sports.

On building more recreational area for young people in NI i.e. pitches etc.

On development of rural areas, which have little, if any facilities of the sort.

On extra activities in the area.

On leisure centres (pools, gyms) and hockey, football pitches for schools as well as play parks.

On leisure facilites that will attract 16,17 and 18 year olds not only children.

1 on making gym memberships to goverment run leisure centres much cheaper for students and applying student discounts to all government run organisations

On more community centres & on more leisure centres.

On opening large multi functional camps to play football, rock climbing etc giving youth the chance to learn more about different sports.

On school hockey pitches and tennis courts so we would not have to travel anywhere any time we wanted to play hockey or tennis :)

On something better like welfare and public services (health, education, low enforcement)!

On something that will be used by all young people e.g. swimming parks.

on something young people will have fun doing

On somewhere for young people to get together.

On special areas for skaters, as my friend get told off looks for skating and 'disturbing the peace'.

On sporting facilities. (2)

On transport to allow young people easy access to public facilties.

On what young people want, not what they think young people want.

On youth clubs & parks.

On youth clubs and facilities for young adults.

On youth clubs, small golf clubs, leisure centers and swimming pools.

On youth residential[s]. Coss community projects.

One better parks, more benches in parks and better youth clubs.

Open more activity centres with coffee bars, bowling alleys, ice rinks, restaurants places where we aren't looked at weekends.

Open more gyms that are cheaper enough for a young person's budget. Gyms with swimming pools with pool toys - for kids.

Open more leisure centres or update (etc) the ones already there.

Open up a youth club for all religion.

Open up new leisure centres for cheaper or make the already existed ones cheaper!

Opening a different range of sports.

opening a gym and a gymnasium for young people which had a low cost membership as many gyms today have a very expensive membership price which many young people are unable to afford

Opening leisure facilities to all.

Opening new centres in smaller towns.

Opening places where young people could meet and interact socially.

Organizing youth schemes for sports with schools and local communities.

Outdoor Basket courts.

Parks & Youth club etc.

Parks, cinema, lights or maybe just something new.

Perhaps something different that already exists, such as something to do with arts and not sporting leisure facilities.

Pitches for ball games etc.

Place sports centres in rural areas.

Places for teenagers from around the ages of 15-17. So many people this age go out and drink because there's nothing else to do with their friday or saturday nights.

Play full sports such as water sports most people enjoy playing in the water! A wet suit and life jaket and anyone can rome free in the water with added sporting such as wake boarding they can get excercise!

Playing fields/leisure centre.

Producing gyms especially for young people up to 19 or 20 years old.

Projects to keep people off the streets at night.

Promoting more sports activities and advertising them better, retail shops.

promoting youth clubs in every town.

Provide a leisure center, bowling, tennis & indoor soccer facilities.

Provide a lot of facilities to have over winter. Currently there is no more football in English and the gym is not open. So they such provide circuits or indoor training to clubs to keep youth fit.

Provide a place for girls and boys e.g. - trampoline and gymnastic, will also help keep fit and strengthen boys.

Provide areas for young people from 13-16 to go. Youth areas/clubs.

Provide more equipment for example balls and hurling sticks as these can be expensive for those who have failed to aquire a part time job and have to ask their parents for money.

Provide more facilities local to family names.

Provide more play areas and leisure facilities.

Provide more sporting equipment to leisure centres.

Providing better services and opportunity for young people in leisure centres.

Providing extra community resources in anti-social problem areas.

Providing funds for other sports in local areas.

Providing more leisure services for older young people and for maintenance of current facilities.

Providing places where young people can go to hang out & relax. Keep them off the street & out of trouble.

Providing useful facilities for us to use in our free time.

Put a football pitch in Cushendall.

Put a leisure center in a catholic area near me.

Put it towards communities who have none, or very little sports, or leisure activities for things like youth clubs to bring communities together.

Put more money in to the arts.

Put more money into extra activities, e.g. Canoeing and trying to motivate young people to join in.

Putting money into all areas that need it our local community centre. The bridge is never opened.

Re-modelling of play parks/playing fields.

Redesign the parks and clean them up!

Reduce costs at leisure centres.

reduce the entrance cost to leisure facilities in order to promote healthy lifestyles

Reduce university fees.

Reduced fees into lesuire centres and activities for young people

Refurbishing facilities that all ready exist and creating useful facilities that young people actually want.

Running community groups such as art or reading groups.

See what areas need it most and see who would benefit from it.

Set up and run a building for young people in central location and provide transport from different areas.

Setting up events for young people to enjoy so they can meet new people without drink involved.

Setup new or refurbish existing sports clubs in my area especially Rugby and Football clubs.

Should help re-do all the youth clubs and give them more facilities so as they can get involved in more activities.

skate parks ice rinks youth clubs.

Skate parks.

Some extra concerts close to my area.


Something for teenagers to do that is not just sports based.

Something for young people to do in the area.

Something for young teenagers. We have to hang around on street corners.

Something that everyone will enjoy, e.g. a program for each week/month with many different events & classes. Space for people to relax.

somewhere to meet in safety

Spend it focusing on sporting facilities geared towards teenagers for example gyms or gym sessions and other exercise classes. I feel that many young people are too embarrassed to go to a gym because of the adults and other users there. I also think it would be beneficial if exercise classes such as dance pilates and yoga where more readily available for young people.

Spend it on activities young people want, not what they think they want.

Spend it on more clubs etc in smaller communities which would encourage people from the coutryside or in isolated places to use them and meet more people

Spend it on things needed.

Spend more money on arts for young people; there is enough for sports already

Spend more money on indoor gym facilities.

Spend on it on places for young and older people to all have fun together. E.g A facility in which there is a swimming pool computer games gymnasium board games etc.

Spend the money on introducing leisure activities for young people.

Sports centres with different activities.

Sports grants.

Spreading these facilities wider through out the towns, cities and the villages.

Surveying young People first of all, then see the highest result, personally I think more youth clubs widely available, events for young people taking into consideration transport issues.

Swimming Pool - Gym in local area - nearest 20 miles away.

Swimming pool, sports events, free leisure programmes.

Swimming pools and public parks.

Swimming pools like the Lisburn pool and ice skating facilities.

Swimming pools. Dance schools/centre.

Take a survey of what young people want, calculate the results and then satisfy their needs.

Talk to young people in the area and invest in an interest of theirs. Young people need more things to do to get them off the streets.

Teenagers around my area need a place for just them to be able to use, as there isn't anywhere, leading them to the only solution, going out at weekends, drinking.

That they gave teenagers a certain amount of time & month to do their favourite activity at half price for that time.

The government should equal the money out. They always build something toddlers, but not young adults so I think they should build something for 16-18 years old.

The government should take into consideration that people 15+ need something to do rather than doing things when there is a lot of younger people in the same facility and also people 15+ or so need something to do and some where to go were they can have a little freedom also if there was something to do there wouldn't be as much harm and crime in some areas if there was some where to go the community would be safer.

The money should be spent on facilities suitable for all types of teenagers from 16-20 therefore I could not say one particular facility.

They could spend the money on a place where people of any age. Between 11-19 could go and there would be things for them to do.

they could spend the money on opening youth clubs at the weekend and get entertainment like quizz nights and karaoke nights and trips to ice skating etc.. which would take the young people off the streets that say they dont have anything to do and give them something to do that there will be less young people drinking on the streets.

They should ask in certain areas how they would like them to append it what they need/want in the area.

They should bring Hogwarts to Lisburn NI and make magic real or a theme a Park-1.

They should build more parks for younger children to play and they should provide youth clubs for over 16 years old to attend.

They should create a place where it encourages people to make use of their facilities. They should have a place that can offer a range of things to do so that they over their services to everyone in the community.

They should ensure that there is plenty of activities for everyone to do no matter where they live throughout Northern Ireland.

They should get opinions from all different types of young people. I personally feel they should spend this money in giving young people the oppertunity to do things they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. They should put the money towards opening new leisure and activity centers. For example: cinemas swimming pools outdoor sports horseriding clubs etc.

They should give more information on the current clubs and societies running play and sports schemes and arts some more.

They should have somewhere warm were young people can hang out with games.

They should invest in a youth club for that local community both Catholics and protestants for them to meet and socialise with each other to build their confidence.

They should investigate different areas in Northern Ireland & donate money to build an area for 16 year olds to hang out as there is nowhere where I live to do so.

They should make it easier for young people to access play & leisure facilities.

They should make more leisure centres in towns so young people can socialise more and more fun.

They should make the leisure centres and sports areas easier to get to by organizing transport.

They should open a ice rink and bowling place in Lisburn as would give us more to do and the only ice bowl I know of is in Dondonold which is quite far away.

they should open better community centres and more parks but dont put alleys in as groups of people tend to hang around in these areas which then in turn put people off

They should set up designated areas where children and teenagers can meet up with each other and socialise. It should be a safe environment where they can come to relax and transport could be made available for those living further away.

They should spend it for places where young people could get together and 'handout' instead of the street and just to have fun.

They should spend it on developing leisure facilities in smaller towns and villages so that the young people dont have to travel so far to do the activity and therefore it wont waste as much time travelling and it would cost as much for the activity as you wouldn't have travelling costs.

They should spend it on youth clubs in areas or buses on weekends to local facilities such as the cinema.

They should spend more money on things such as new leisure centres public parks etc

They should spend the money on things they need such as school books and begs.

They should spend their money on secure playing areas which have something for every age. The should also fund youth groups with more money to enable all children the right to leisure activities and reduce the cost for children of public transport.

They should spend there money fixing youth clubs in the local area too stop people from drinking and they should be open on the weekend.

They should spend this money by opening more youth centers and parks to keep kids off the streets.

they should spend this money on creating more facilities for older children and teens eg ten pin bowling ice skating go karting etc

They should try to raise awareness to get young people more involved in play and leisure.

They should use it by creating AstroTurf pitches, for all sports regardless they should have a few in each town/city.

They shouldn't they should put it towards lowering university fees

they shouldnt because young people probably wouldnt use it and if they wanted to there are already things such as youth clubs etc.

They will never give money to this area so why bother saying. They only ever think about themselves and use our money for their private lives.

Things suitable for younger people.

This money should be spent on either improving existing facilities e.g. swimming pools, gyms, etc or else making them more accessible.

To advertise them more to make people aware of them to redecorated the older buildings.

To attempt to bring e-sports (Star Craft 11) to Northern Ireland.

To be available to help the poor.

To build a youth centre were young people can use gym or sports courts without a high entrance fee.

To build more facilities in the estates in which they live, then less people would get into trouble if they had something to do.

To form a football team!

To get more youth groups together. To get young teenagers off the street taking drugs & drinking, so build them some place to go.

To have a skate or BMX park.

To have more leisure facilities for people over 16 years of age.

To help towards the cost of participating, including travel cost associated with training and competing.

To improve leisure centres

To keep up to date with the facilities. And maintain them to the highest standards.

To make sports such as ice hockey and bowls more readily available and advertise these less common sports.

To make the facilities better and more types e.g. banana boating.

To open more leisure centre in my area.

To put something in avers for girls because it unfair because boys have football pitches and all.

To repay their debts.

To set up a type of club or bar for young people, so they have somewhere to hang out at night. I would be a dry bar.

Train coaches etc not to be bias.

Transport to events.

Transport to facilities.

Trips and outings and workshops brining young people together.

Under 18 nightclubs, parks & more youth clubs to hang out.

Updating and modernising facilities.

Upgrade current facilities i.e. gaelic football clubs.

Upgrade existing or build new leisure centres.

Upgrade facilities to make them more attractive for young people.

Upgrade the current facilities.

Upgrade the facilities.

Use it to create more leisure facilities in rural areas or reduce transport costs so other facilities can be easily accessed.

Warm places to go and sit.

Water sports for kids.

Wisely! (2)

Youth centre in town.

Youth centres - residentals for youth groups, exchanges in schools & youth groups also. More park & the youth groups.

youth centres, tabe tennis, pool, footbal, basketball etc.

Youth club for older teens.

Youth Club.(2)

Youth clubs close to our area.

Youth clubs for 16-19 yr olds, because there is very little for that age group to do.

Youth clubs so that we can get off the streets.

Youth clubs that don't discriminate against gender/religion/age and that are modern appealing and local, with arrange of activities and day trips or on university fees.

Youth clubs with sports pitches.

Youth clubs, charity events, cross community workshops fundays and lowering the cost.

Youth facilities clubs etc.

Youth groups could be better funded, to enable them to do more activities like taking the children on residentials etc.

Youth groups or workshops so they could enjoy themselves but get something out of it or places such as swimming pools, cinemas & bowling allies possibly.

Youth groups.

Youth leisure centres, basketball courts.


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