Year: 2009
Module: FAMILY

If response to CRCRUNCH is not 'Not at all'...

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Please give details.' [on how the recent economic crisis affected you and your family].

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

1. A few cutbacks.

2. A few things have been cut back on, but that's all.

3. A lot less money coming through.

4. A mars bar used to be 30P and is now 55-60P. I spend most of my money on mars bars and only eat half as much. I am becoming really thin!

5. A small bit has changed but not much.

6. All family members out of work, including myself, with little/no action taken to help provide new employment.

7. All we hear about these days is the disaster of the credit crunch and how people have had to 'cut back' on spending etc. but it is nothing compared to poverty in third world countries! The problem is that people were getting too greedy and now that it has been taken away from them they like to complain and moan about what they on't have rather than looking at the positives of what they do have (family, friends etc.)

8. As I am from a one parent family there is only one income. The credit crunch has affected us quite a bit in terms of holidays, luxuries and food budget.

9. As many luxuries are not bought.

10. Be more careful with how you spend money. Less money for luxuries.

11. Because my parents are divorced and my mums disabled slightly, my dad is our main source of income and he nearly lost his job.

12. Because of the occupation.

13. Because you find it difficult to handle money.

14. Before we used to be able to buy things and not worry about the money, not expensive things, but little treats every couple of weeks, a CD or DVD or a pair of jeans. Now luxuries are few and far between, and I can't get a job. I feel very guilty taking money from my parents to go out and socialize with my friends, as I know how tight things are.

15. Bills

16. Brought up by mum - one income only.

17. Budgets have been tighter and money spending closely monitored.

18. Can't afford certain luxuries & expensive Christmas presents.

19. Can't afford holidays, family working extra hard for Christmas.

20. Can't afford luxuries, my chances of getting a job are slim.

21. Can't afford to pay some bills!

22. Can't always buy stuff that we need like oil, and so on.

23. Can't do as much family days out. Can't afford to go on holiday.

24. Can't do much - no money.

25. Can't get all the luxuries that we got before.

26. Can't go out as much no more.

27. Can't spend as much on holidays and trips.

28. Can not get a part time job.

29. Cancel private music lessons.

30. cant afford to buy heating for the house and falling behind on bills and we always have very little food.

31. Careful with amount we spend.

32. Certain cut backs in e.g. eating out.

33. Christmas is less, not getting as much. Parents don't go out/eat out as often.

34. Complaining and stress from parents. No money

35. Continuous rising in prices generally and overtime being reduced drastically in my mum's work has affected our family.

36. Cost of fuel and food.

37. Cut back on a few things, such as cuttings but not suffering overly. Is getting worse new though.

38. cut backs (3)

40. Cut backs at my mum's work means there isn't as much money.

41. Cut backs in health service means my mother has been put under alot of stress as her job could be gone within the year due to the ward she works on closing.

42. Cut backs in shopping, for both food and other, don't go out as often, can't go on holidays.

43. Cut backs on clothes, foods etc.

44. Cut backs on food etc.

45. Cut backs on holidays and spending.

46. Cut backs on luxury spending

48. Cut down on expenses.

49. Cut down on luxuries (2 respondents).

50. Cutbacks - a lot of talk at home about not spending, trying to be more careful 'about spending'.

51. cuting down onbrand named products and not doing as much activities as usual which money is needed for.

52. Cutting back on expenses but not too much.

54. Cutting down on money given out for buying unnecessary things.

55. Dad's business isn't doing as well now.

56. Dad had to find a new job.

57. Dad has been forced to retire due to ill-health therefore this income to the household.

58. Dad has been out of work for a while.

59. dad has gone from self employed to working for a company at a low rate.

60. Dad has loss job.

61. Dad is a Pastor so people do not pay in to the church as much as they used to so the income has been bad recently.

62. Dad was told he will lose job in 6 months - not affected too much yet but will soon.

63. Debt

64. Debt, no work, no money

65. Didn't get to go on a family holiday as usual. My parents are noticeably more cautious in their spending.

66. Didn't go abroad on holiday last year

67. Don't have as much money now as we did.

68. Don't spend as much on luxury items, only buy what we need. Had to sell some things to pay debts.

69. dont have money for luxury items

70. Everyone has been affected by it.

71. Everything much more expensive e.g. oil, electricity, diesel, food.

72. Family's business has deteriorated. Parents have separated due to stress. Both sisters have little money.

73. Family members have lost jobs.

74. Family who has lost jobs since my father's deaf money has been tuff.

75. Father currently out of work.

76. Father doesn't get as many jobs - less income.

77. Father has not as much work on at the moment so we have had to cut down on some luxuries but alss still good :)

78. Father lost his job.

79. Father made redundant.

80. Fewer Christmas presents for family and only for children in extended family. No plans for summer holidays.

81. Find it hard to get a job and money.

82. Find it hard to pay bill because the cost of living has raised e.g. electric, food.

83. Finding it hard to afford holidays etc.

84. Food in the house has been cut down as well as luxuries.

85. for e.g we have to watch how much we spend now as fuel prices (diesel and petrol) have went up.

86. Fuel is more expensive and I know that puts financial strain on my mother. I wouldn't say we are affected any more than people things are just generally more expensive now.

87. get to do less things and just harder due to less money.

88. Had little money to begin with.

89. had to become more financially independant i cannot afford good clothes anymore i cannot afford the latest technology.

90. Had to cut back on food and eating out and extra thought has had to go into everything regarding money.

91. Had to cut back on something-nothing serious.

92. Had to cut back on spending and almost had to give up on the sport of quad (ATV) racing.

93. Had to save slightly more, think about the expenditure.

94. Had to sell staff [stuff].

95. Hard for me to find a part time job and financial problems.

96. Harder to buy food as a lot of things are dearer and paying bills can be a struggle as well as clothing our selves.

97. Hardly any money.

98. Has affected much - less to buy less food.

99. hasn't changed our lifestyle.

100. Have had to cut back on luxuries.

101. Have had to cut down on luxuries and trips - also had to cut back on going to sporting activities i.e. boxing and swimming.

102. Have had to take a part-time job and at times have had to lend money to my parents - who run their own business. I have also given up on saving for a car and am working extremely hard at my A levels to hopefully get a scholarship for minority - I don't want to get into debt.

103. Have just had to make a few cut backs. Can't just go out and buy whatever we want.

104. Have to cut back on some things but still go on things like holidays.

105. Have to watch the !

106. Haven't been able to find a job.

107. Having to cut back on a few things.

108. Having to cut down on family outings which have had a negative affect on our families relationship.

109. Having to cut down on luxury items such as real nice food etc. I get less pocket money.

110. Hours cut in mother and fathers job.

111. I'm looking for a job and haven't been successful get even though I have A-C grade GCSEs. Also we have to be more careful with our money and have had to cut down on luxuries.

112. I'm not hugely sure on the effect.

113. I am more aware of my spending habits and tend to spend less.

114. I am not sure if it affected my family or not. No one lost their job so I don't think it did.

115. I am now 16 and the train tickets, cinema tickets etc have over doubled and I have no time because of school to work and my parents can not afford to increase by week allowance. Also, jobs are impossible during summer to find because I have no previous experience.

116. I can't get a job as no one will hire a 16 year old with no experience and my dad's overtime has been cut.

117. I cannot have everything I want anymore - which makes me sound spoilt, which I probably am. I know not to ask for as much to ease the pressure.

118. I discovered that my father was not doing as well due to the credit crunch. I cut back a bit, started walking to school instead of getting the bus and got a job so I wouldn't need pocket money. It doesn't effect me negatively, but obviously these two things are big changes in terms of my health and time.

119. I don't deal with finances.

120. I don't get money from my family as much.

121. I don't know.

122. I don't think my family has been hit much by the credit crunch.

123. I find I don't really have the money I used to have in the past.

124. I found it longer than expected to find a part time job.

125. I got a job so that I wasn't asking for money all the time from my parents.

126. I guess I have to watch what I spend, more nowadays. I also feel guilty as my parents struggle to pay phone bills. In helping with this I don't take money from them and I use my own as I would only feel selfish taking money from them.

127. I have been more aware or people us fortunate than me and people who have been made redundant.

128. I have felt a small change in how we spend our money.

129. I have found my lifestyle to remain the same throughout the recession, something for which I am very thankful for.

130. i have got a part time job we are vutting back on luxuries i am worried that there will not be enough money for university and later life as we have to use our savings now.

131. I haven't felt it but in I'm sure it has as we don't spend as much as we used to on things we don't need.

132. I just can't seem to afford anything at all. When I save up to buy something I end up having to buy something else always to do with school or nights out, never have any money. And get no help from the government (EMA).

133. I tend not to ask my parents about stuff like this. I know that we are reasonably well off, but it is not my business to know about thier earnings. If the credit crunch had effected us greatly, then i'm sure I would be informed, however.

134. I think its highlighted financial problems to my parents, making them more aware of their finances.

136. Increasing costs.

137. Interests on saving accounts have gone down.

138. It's made no difference.

139. It's more the fact that we have a very small income anyway, and prices go up, but our income doesn't, so I can't really say it affects us so much as it does the economy itself.

140. It has become harder to get a part/full time job.

141. It has effect my family in small aspects i.e. cutting down on what we spend on luxury goods, but it hasn't greatly effected my family e.g. my parents jobs.

142. It has made me seriously think about how difficult it will be to get the job I want in the future, although I don't yet know what I want to do.

143. It has made no real impact in my family.

144. It is harder to afford certain luxuries but can manage ok.

145. Job loss in family

146. Jobs

147. Just a little harder but not much.

148. Just had a bit less money - looking for bargains & sales more often.

149. Just had to cut down on bits.

150. Just have to go easy where shopping's concerned, that sort of thing!

151. Just in terms of how much electricity we use and the quality of products we buy.

152. Just less money for noun essentials and traveling for training etc.

153. Just minding money more, the determination for me to get a job is pretty much desperate.

154. Just money wise, things have been cut down like Christmas, but I feel everyone's the same [a]part from people with a lot of money.

155. Just needed to be more careful with money.

156. Just putting on the heat has become an issue. We have to make sure to turn it off, when we don't need it.

157. Just small things like burning of lights etc to save electricity. Also, we have to think a lot more between "what's" and "needs".

158. Just the same coming in and a little more going out.

159. Just those prices have increased and income is the same so we are short of money.

160. Lack of jobs but starting to & pick up now.

161. Less able to buy luxury items e.g. clothes etc.

162. less amount of pocket money given, less shopping trips, some own brand good[s] purchased.

163. Less disposable income.

164. Less eating out for tea.

165. Less family outings & socializing.

166. Less hours at work for family members therefore a lower household income.

167. Less income

168. Less income some bills.

169. Less job security

170. Less luxuries

171. Less luxuries e.g. trips or holidays and take a ways. Tighter budget.

172. Less luxuries I don't look forward to Christmas anymore.

173. less money (2 respondents)

174. Less money coming in

175. Less money coming in to the household.

176. less money comming into the house because my dad's only get's a few days work if even as hes a self employed plaster

177. Less money for holidays & clothes. Less treats.

178. less money for luxeries, only the basics food wise. less treats and less for christmas and birthday have to take packed lunch rather than canteen.

179. Less money for luxuries i.e. eating out & cinema etc.

180. Less money for the usual luxuries.

181. Less money has been spent and used within the family home.

182. Less money to buy material goods.

183. Less money to spare for the better things.

184. less money to spend

185. Less money to spend on gifts.

187. Less new clothes and luxury items etc.

188. less pocket money and less money for trips etc.

189. Less spending money & getting to school is difficult = 32 per week.

190. Less spending money (pocket money).

191. Less work

192. Less work for my family, which means less income.

193. Less working hours, less income

194. Limited to how much money you can spend.

195. Looking for better deals when food shopping -Tesco discount brand.

196. Lost money in shares

197. Lowered my summer madness price.

198. luckily it hasn't really affected my family

199. Made things more expensive, it's also harder for me to get a job as there are now experienced workers who have been made redundant & also looking for jobs.

200. Making less interest on savings and earning less.

201. Money

202. Money becomes an issue and spending is always done cautiously. I know that when I want something not to ask as this can only lead to more pressure put onto my parents.

203. Money has been low since the credit crunch.

204. Money is more tight.

205. Money is tight and it has made my parents a lot more stressed about how they are going to pay monthly bills etc.

206. Money spending has not been as frequent.

207. Money wise.

208. Moneys tighter. Less things are bought. Not much change though apart from not so many clothes bought.

209. More aware of spending money.

210. More aware of what I buy and don't ask for as much from parents.

211. more careful about what we buy

212. More careful with spending - trying to reduce the amount spent on bills e.g. electricity, phone bills etc.

213. More cautions about the amount of money we spend.

214. More cooking food from scratch and less buying of things we do not need

215. More cut backs at Christmas, cut backs on junk food.

216. More difficult buying luxuries, holidays etc.

217. Mum and dad share a car into work now, less dispensable income. Very hard to find a job, only jobs available for Christmas.

218. Mum had to change supermarkets for cheaper foods and she does a lot more overtime at work.

219. Mum left redundant.

220. Mum lost her job, dad's a farmer. I don't want to quit my job.

221. my auntie was made redundant mum prices around and is careful about what she spends

222. My Brother having to change his jobs every so often due to too many staff being employed in his workplace, sometimes he will stay unemployed for weeks due to this. My other Brother also has been struggling to find work and hours have been cut due to the lack of work. All of this has affected my household.

223. my brother lost his job & my mum might after christmas

224. My brother lost his job in November 08, so Mom & Dad has to support him a little bit to be gets another jobs, so therefore they haven't it some money to put into savings etc.

225. My dad's self employed. His painting & decorating business has been affected.

226. my dad has had less working hours so we get less money. And i am unable to find a job that i can work at when im not at school as there are no part time jobs available, so i cant help them out.

227. My dad has little jobs to do.

228. My dad has no job and we our having to give our house up.

229. My dad is a doctor and mum is a nurse so they are paid by government and their pay has remained the same.

230. My dad is a window cleaner and it always rains in his country making it hard for him.

231. My dad is an estate agent and the sales of houses have decreased.

232. My dad lost his job and is still unemployed now, my mum is only working part-time so we wouldn't go out for dinner or do family activities as often as we used to now.

233. My dad lost his job and went through a couple of months with no job. Now he has a job but isn't as well paid.

234. My dad lost his job.

235. My dad lost his job. My mum works only 16 hours per week.

236. My dad may lose his job.

237. My dad was out of work for about 6 months straight but he working away along with my mother.

238. My daddy use to be a bricklayer now he has to taxi.

239. My dads getting paid off but hopefully getting a job soon.

240. My family and I have found it quite tough through the crisis. There are 5 people including myself which makes it hard for us to get the things we want. I would not say that we have been badly affected though.

241. My family has had to cut down on our expenditure, as my dad lost his annual bonus and also because of the increase in prices for everything.

242. My family is on benefits and prices of goods are increasing.

243. My family is working-class and not very wealthy. As the credit crunch has worsened, my family has found it more difficult to pay for luxuries etc.

244. My father has had his working week reduced by three hours.

245. My father has had to work more due to other staff being logged off. I am happy that he wasn't sacked!

246. My father has less work. I feel bad asking for money. We have enough money to live well. Just not as much or as well as previous years

247. My father has not been able to sell his property for what it is worth. However it has helped our business this summer as less people went abroad.

248. My father has took a large pay-cut and has fears of loosing his job, possibly his cars and house also!

249. My father wallet is now padlocked.

250. My father was laid off for a period of time, during the summer I had to look after the house by myself, because parents were out trying to make a living.

251. My father was made redundant in June and was out of work for 4 months. He now has another job but it was difficult to get a decent job with decent pay

252. My father was made redundant.

253. My Father, older brother and older sister had to take pay cuts.

254. My mother and I just consider the necessity of what we buy more carefully and therefore spend less and we have not had any serious emergencies so we have not been too greatly affected.

255. My mum's hours were cut in work and I can't find a job.

256. My mum and dad are in professions which are always required, for example healtcare. Therefore their jobs have remained, however, costs are higher and therefore you often feel spending has to decrease. Overall, however, we are still living comfortably.

257. My mum and dad are not that well off anyway.

258. My mum and dad look after our household finances.

259. My mum and dad own a small clinic and my mum is receiving no income and my dad was getting that much.

260. My mum and dad split up and I think it was due to the stress of the 'credit crunch' amongst other reasons.

261. My mum has been extra cautious with money and has given me multiple lectures on why she in saving.

262. My mum is a single parent trying to support 3 teenagers.

263. My mum is on her own with me I am special needs and my dad died she can find it hard.

264. My mum lost her job due to the decline in the construction industry as a result of the 'credit crunch'. It is difficult for her to find another job due to the increase in the amount of job seekers.

265. My mum was made redundant

266. My mum was made redundant and can't get a job.

267. My parents are both in secure jobs. It hasn't affected us.

268. my parents are definitely more aware of their spending and we cant afford to go away on holidays or make renovations to our house

269. My parents are watching the amount of money they spend when going out shopping for food, having to stick with strict budgets. Can't go out as often as I normally would friends. Watching amount of money spent everyone we go out.

270. My parents depend on benefits and I know that they feel that they can't provide for us which makes them feel bad and that make us feel bad.

271. My parents get paid less therefore we have less of an income than we normally do and I can't find a job.

272. My parents give me less money so I have to depend on my EMA.

273. My pocket money has decreased due to unemployment I am finding it very difficult to find a job as companies can afford to be more 'picky' about who they hire.

275. Neither parent has lost a job nor there has been dramatic change but small issues of expenditure and budget have arisen.

276. never have any money.

279. No extra money.

280. No holiday's abroad

281. No holidays, less eating out and clothes.

282. No holidays, less meals - drinking out, less spending at all.

283. No job

284. No money for Christmas. Everything seems to be struggle money wise at the minute. 285. No money for things.

286. No summer holiday

287. No waste age of money.

288. No work

290. Not a lot noticed cut backs sometimes.

291. not able to buy as much goods for ourselves e.g clothes

292. not able to buy as much.

293. Not able to spend as much as we used to.

294. Not as much luxury items.

295. Not as much money as we use to have and everything is more expensive.

296. Not as much money being spent as before

297. Not as much money to spend on luxuries (Holidays, Clothes etc.)

298. Not as much spending on luxuries, but a wee treat now & again.

299. Not eating out as much, not buying as many clothes and things. Generally just trying to cut back on household expendititure.

300. Not having so much money, not getting what I want like cutting back on everything.

301. Not much income but more is spent on items.

302. Not the worst by any means but times are hard and we go without a lot of things.

304. Only slightly, groceries more so than anything.

305. Parent's salary has been cut.

306. Parents are more stressed, less luxuries.

307. Part time job hours have decreased.

308. Price have gone up

309. Prices have become more expensive

310. Prices have gone up and wages have been cut back.

311. Prices in food and taxi fares have risen and I get less money to save for pocket money.

312. prices of oil and gas makes us think more about saving enegry

313. Prices of oil shopping, needing to work overtime to provide money.

314. Redundancy in jobs, little money, stress.

315. Schools trips abroad and music.

316. Shopping in cheaper stores for food and clothes etc.

317. Short of money for electric and gas.

318. Shows, the situations Northern Ireland is facing today, struggling to pay mortgage, and bills, which is causing more and more arguments however always pull through & bills get paid & arguments become resolved.

319. Simply more aware of prices when shopping.

320. Sister has aspergas and is constantly wrecking and the high prices over furniture and electricity goods does not help.

321. Ski trip is more expensive this year.

322. Some cut back have had to be made but not very many

323. Some cut backs on minor luxuries.

324. Some luxuries have had to be cut back on, but we are still coping well with it and it has not had a big impact on our family

325. Some luxury items are a rarity and there is a lot of saving for big things such as holidays or big birthdays.

326. Some things that used to be bought have stopped being bought.

327. Sometimes it is harder to cope with many problems but other families have a lot more problems.

328. Sometimes my mum don't have money for me to go to school or to pay the house rent, she has a lot of bills to pay and she can't pay it.

329. Spend a bit less, put off selling a house because of the market.

330. Spending less and being more careful with money, but nothing drastic.

331. Stated on online form.

332. Step dad made redundant. Mother lost job because of being off for so long (depression) 4 adults and 1 baby now live on 100 a week to feed and pay bills.

333. Struggling to find a work placement to continue my training.

334. Surprisingly my dad has had more work since the credit crunch.

335. The credit crunch has effected not so much my family as such but my last work place had to close as it was not able to compete in these economic climits, i woulnd now mostly depend on my parent for money although i do have a part time job now i don't earn as much as i did in my previous work place.

336. The money we usually spend has decreased.

337. The phrase "tighting our belts" springs to mind lets say.

338. The price of food and petrol has increased.

339. The recent credit crunch only affected my family a little bit, still had the money to provide for everything.

340. The recession has caused me to not expect as much from my parents and to understand that money can not be squandered during this economic downturn.

341. The same wages have to go a lot further with all the increase of utilities.

342. There's no money for anything which is hard because I can't do what my friend do.

343. there is a business in my family and it has been affected by the credit crunch due to lack of business

344. There is even more pressure on being able to pay bills etc.

345. There is hardly any work going on at the minute and it is hard for people to earn a good salary while this is happening.

346. There is less job mostly for foreigners and some groups what them to move back to their countries.

347. there is not enough money for school lunches and there are never any luxury items and with out my dad paying money for me or my brother, my mother struggles on a small wage and high taxes making it hard to pay for heating and electricty bills with the harsh winter coming it is getting worse.

348. There is only one wage coming in. We have cut back on everything. I got a job to pay for my own things.

349. There is very bitter income.

350. There Will be cutbacks at christmas time

351. They struggle to provide food at times but nothing serious. We still have a house, clothes and love.

352. Things have got a bit clearer and I get less money.

353. Things have got dearer.

354. Things have gotten 'tighter' but my family can cope very well.

355. throughout my social life, i had to get a job.

356. Tighter budget.

357. To my family more than me personally.

358. trying to save more for things we acctually need rather than things that we don't.

359. Trying to sell house, won't make a profit from this.

360. Understanding and awareness of how much to costs to run our household. Saving money by doing the little things, turning lights of, investing in a meter which tells us how much we are spending her min or hour and a total. Shopping costs. Road trips in the car.

361. Various cuts in luxury i.e. holidays.

362. Very few jobs going for my father who is a brick layer, this has affected household income.

363. Wages were out and not as much work.

364. We've had to cut down on luxuries, buying more cheaper things rather than the usual higher prices, but I don't feel it's made a difference to me, other than not getting as much pocket money.

365. We are a bit tighter for money, but we all respected it in the first place.

366. We are cutting down more on are wants and have to focus on necessities.

367. We are finding it very hard to cope financially.

368. We are more careful with our money.

369. we are struggling with desposible income, we really only have money for the important things in life and ome weeks wehave to make decisions on what we can miss out on

370. We are stuggling to pay for Christmas, and I have still not got my EMA payments.

371. We can't afford luxuries.

372. We cannot afford luxury items that many of my peers can. Charity organisations are more unwilling to help financially than say, 5 years ago.

373. We cannot get as much at Christmas, go on holiday and may be in debt but we cut back a lot so are not drastically affected.

374. We didn't have many extra's anyway, now we have even fewer.

375. We do not spend money carelessly.

376. we don't buy as many 'treats'.

377. We dont buy expensive unnecessary things anymore, just basics.

378. We have become alot more money wary.. I never have money for the luxuries I need.

379. We have become more aware of our spending, for example on holidays, e.g. booking flights etc. earlier, finding cheap accommodation.

380. We have cut back on buying large amounts of food in our house, but we would never go hungry. We have been more sensible in how we spend our money.

381. We have cut back on Christmas presents etc this year bit struggling massively.

382. We have cut down on use of electricity and don't go on as many holidays.

383. We have had to be careful with what we spend our money on and we can't be just as carefree with our money as before the 'credit crunch'.

384. We have had to change what we buy & how much we buy. What we do as we can't do as much as we used to as we don't have enough money.

385. We have had to cut back on certain things but I don't think it has affected our quality of life.

386. We have had to cut back on some things that we normally buy.

387. we have had to cut back on some things, and are now more energy efficent

388. We have had to cut back quite a bit on our spending - my parents no longer have jobs and I am getting EMA. We can't live as we used to.

389. We have had to cut back spending as my mother has had her pay cut.

390. We have had to cut down a bit on things

391. We have had to cut down on luxuries and I have had to start paying money out of my wages to help out.

392. We have had to cut down on most of our spending especially Christmas.

393. We have had to cut down on some things but are generally okay.

394. We have had to have cutbacks but nothing serious.

395. We have lost money but we still have enough to live on.

396. We have struggled financially due to the recession so have had to safe and spend more money on needs than wants.

397. We have to be more frugal and cautious when it comes to spending money.

398. We have to budget more, and only shop for things we need

399. We have to cut down on bills.

400. We have to cut down on meals out, clothes and wants due to higher fuel costs and bills etc.

401. We have tried to cut down on our heating and electricity bills. We don't go out to eat as regularly as before.

402. We haven't got as much money.

403. We just have to be more conscious with how we spend our money. We haven't been too affected but I have noticed a difference.

404. We live from day to day and hardly ever get luxuries such as holidays and treats at the weekends.

405. We might have to move to a much smaller house

406. We never seem to have money for much food, oil and clothing.

407. We own several houses and we can't sell them.

408. We shop at ASDA now rather than super value.

409. We sometimes find it hard to gather up money to pay for things, but we are fine most times.

410. We still have money to get things and pay bills so it hasn't had a massive impact on my family.

411. We tend not to spend money on unnecessary items like clothes etc as often as the money is needed for more important things.

412. We try to save more and spend with more awareness.

413. We watch what we buy and spend. We don't get as much at Christmas. We don't go shopping as much.

414. We won't eat out to the extent we used to.

415. Well i think it hasn't really effected us an awful lot, but it has a bit

416. What we have in are family we own so we havent been affected that much by the credit crunch as we have never been in debt cause us not to have any high interest rates and letting us get on with our lives as best as possible. Although this national debt that each and every person has contracted will surely see an increase of personal debt in the new future

417. When applying for jobs, I was often turned down. This was due to unemployed people who have had previous experience in a work environment receiving the jobs instead.

418. When first applying for a part time job, I was often turned down interviews due to unemployed people who had previously had jobs being offered the interviews. Credit crunch affected me as I had no previous work experience and therefore it was hard to find jobs.

419. Where as my parents may have felt the 'pinch' in how to organise money issues, I personally have only really been affected by loosing a few hours of work at weekends, but EMA allows me to make up for this money loss.

420. With my father working in the construction industry, it has slowed up a bit.

421. You just have to watch how much you're spending.


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