Year: 2005
Module: Mental Health

Below is a selection of open-ended responses to the question 'What makes you stressed?'

NB: Square brackets indicate where the text was edited for grammatical reasons. A number in parentheses indicates how many respondents gave a particular response.

* [?] in Belfast or the war in Iraq.

1. Working too long. 2. Worrying about things e.g. results. 3. Not getting enough sleep.

1.Exams 2. Results 3. School deadlines

1.Exams. 2. Family (making to their pleasements)

1.School. 2. Sports. 3 Work

A colleague in work, my mother.

A continual barrage at minor nuisances; undue worrying by other people on my behalf; the fear that the world will never know true justice.

A little stressed before exams.

A lot of examinations in a short space of time, pressure to perform.

A lot of pressure e.g. exam results.

A lot of schoolwork, especially homework & coursework.

All sorts of things like work, coursework, fighting with my family.

An older brother who bullies me.

Annoying people doing my head in. Anticipating my exam results.

Anything !! School, Guys, Friends, life in general. (I'm a worrier).

Arguments with friends, other people being stressed.

Arguments with girlfriend. Relationship difficulties.

As mentioned I very rarely get stressed, however, when I did, it was usually when I was trying to get school coursework in on time.

Basically I can't normally do anything right half of the time.

Because I can't get a job, therefore I can't afford anything.

Because my friends always slabber about me or about someone to me. And I'm finding it hard at Tech at the moment because I do not understand some things.

Because of my mother nagging !

Being asked to do something that I don't think I can do or sometimes I don't want to be bothered even though I am being asked to do it.

Being involved in too much on weeknights/ not having enough time to just relax due to commitments or homework. Deadlines for coursework exams !

Being under pressure with schoolwork and meeting deadlines.

Being very bored which over the summer is all that I have been nothing to do can't wait to start working.


Big homework's, GCSE's, Results.

Bigger sister. People annoying me. Not being allowed to go to Bundoran with my friends for the week-end.

Boys, my body because I have loads of stretch marks and my baby boy.

Brothers & sisters, religious tolerance, family, schoolwork.

Busy at work. Arguments with people.

Competing with peers in school subjects and to be noticed in school and in exams.

Conflict between friends.Exams and schoolwork. My job Coursework - general schoolwork, peers, parents, new responsibilities.

Coursework & answering questionnaires.

Coursework especially Technology and ICT.

Coursework, deadlines.

Coursework, exams

Coursework, exams, friends coming to you with problems 24/7.

Coursework, going back to school, sometimes what I wear and what I say. What I say to people that I know in School [like the popular people] if I had a fall out with somebody and that group follows her and I'm by myself ever my best friend goes.

Coursework. GCSE Results.

Dates for any coursework to be handed in. When you're trying to concentrate on something and someone is talking to you at the same time. When things don't go the way I planned them to.

Deadlines for schoolwork, parents, money.

Deadlines, money, home difficulties, school.

Deadlines. Too busy schedule. Relationship.

Decisions about school and work. Trying to share free time with both friends and boyfriend. Living up to people's expectations of me.

Doing exams. Fighting with friends and family. Not being fit to do something.

Don't know (2)

During the school terms, I get more stressed than usual due to homework commitments and exams. I get more stressed when waiting for the results.

Everyday problems.

Everyone around shouting or talking at once.

Everything (4)

Everything about myself hair, looks, skin etc.

Everything really but mostly schoolwork and thinking about my future and stuff just the usual teenage stuff, I guess.

Exam pressure (revision/waiting for results).

Exam pressure and work.

Exam pressure, Schoolwork. (2)

Exam pressure. Important event.

Exam results - Pressures to do well etc. Not being able to do things properly.

Exam results and keeping on top of work.

Exam results and whether I'll be able to have the future I want.

Exam results ant the thought of failing and not being able to return to school.

Exam results I am pregnant and I am worried about my future at school

Exam results, football matches stress, handball matches stress.

Exam results, Future prospects

Exam results, people having high expectations. Having to sort out problems in work, eg. not getting your pay.

Exam results, school, home life.

Exam results. (7)

Exam results. Peer pressure. Money problems. Relationship problems. Fighting with friends. Choosing subjects for next year at A-level.

Exam results. Staying committed to sports.

Exam results. Trying to get a part-time job. Interviews for colleges and future places of education.

Exam worries.

Examination results, busy days at work.

Examination results, thinking about getting a job etc whether or not I have picked the appropriate A levels to continue with.


Examinations, my appearance mainly from pressure from media and peers, being in situations where I'm not comfortable, thinking about my future, making choices.

Exams - especially results, arrogant people, working long hours (even though part-time)

Exams - success worries. Peer pressure - what others think of you.

Exams (29)

Exams and changing my routine.

Exams and coursework !!

Exams and deadlines.

Exams and especially coursework, not getting to do things/want to do.

Exams and exam results, friends, my mom/family.

Exams and making coursework deadlines.

Exams and new situations

Exams and revision before. Numerous hospital visits for my illness.

Exams and schoolwork parents pressuring you to do everything right.

Exams and schoolwork.

Exams and what people think and say about me also whenever I was being bullied at school I was under a lot of stress at home and in school.

Exams and work (3)

Exams etc.

Exams get me stressed at times.

Exams make me feel stressed. Searching for a job is stressful. In school, homework and class work makes me feel stressed.

Exams results, coursework deadlines

Exams results. Starting new school (Tech).

Exams used to but no longer do as I am very relaxed.

Exams, Body image, poor pressure to do wrong things.

Exams, Coursework, Arguing with family/boyfriend, School

Exams, deadline pressures in schools.

Exams, Exam Results (2)

Exams, exam results, family arguments, social pressures.

Exams, fallouts with family members.

Exams, family problems as I'm constantly pulled between my divorced parents.

Exams, Family problems, Pressure, Money, Homework, Friends

Exams, fighting with friends, during sport.

Exams, friends, family, part time work.

Exams, friends, family.

Exams, friends, work, peer pressure. The thought of failure.

Exams, Girlfriends, Arguing with people.

Exams, Homework, Coursework

Exams, in sports if you don't play well people think that you are the loser. Working part time. Fighting well family.

Exams, Money, Boy Problems, Friend Problems, Parent Problems.

Exams, Money.

Exams, parents, events I help with.

Exams, parents, sister, people at school, exam results, work load, school pressures, work pressures.

Exams, part time job, parents, boyfriend, money/financial worries.

Exams, peer pressure and being called nasty words which makes me upset.

Exams, relationships.

Exams, results.

Exams, revision, friends problems

Exams, school, family health, boys.

Exams, school, friends problems.

Exams, school, pressure from friends and peers.

Exams, school.

Exams, schoolwork, decisions (making).

Exams, sometimes at home.

Exams, studying or results arguments or problems at home.

Exams, waiting on exam results.

Exams, waiting on results etc.

Exams, Weight, School.

Exams, worrying about work

Exams. Being in love Rachel.

Exam results. Not knowing what people think of me. Having to tidy my room. Girlfriends. Sex.


Exam results. Buying presents for the girlfriend !

Exams. Family problems- alcohol related.

Exams. Family problems.

Exams. Lots of schoolwork and homework.

Exams. Not having enough time to finish work fully. Public speaking.

Exams. Relationship

Exams. Troubled relationships

Exams. Waiting for results. Thinking about what happens next in my education. Not being with friends to talk.

Exams. Worrying what other people think.

Exams/Girl friend.

Exams/making decision, talking about careers in school.

Expecting important exam results.

Family (4)

Family issues, certain friends/relationships, schoolwork-dead lines etc.

Family issues. Relationships. Work. Schoolwork. My appearance (weight).

Family life, Relationships, Friends. Family problems and some problems with friends and getting everything ready for school.

Family problems e.g. fights, sick relatives, relationship problems with girlfriend, when things don't work out at work. When I have to many things to deal with end cant handle them all.

Family problems, schoolwork, appearance.

Family problems, schoolwork, exams.

Family relationships, weight, health.

Family situations. My best at school isn't good enough. Friends wanting everything their way. Expected to be there for my friends all the time.

Family trouble or bullying.

Family worries/illness. School exams/tests.

Family!- mostly brother & sister Friends Some of my art work when it goes wrong.

Family, anything really gets me stressed out. Anything that starts to go wrong. If I have no money etc.

Family, Exams, Friends, School, Money.

Family, friends usually worries of life etc.

Family, Friends, Boyfriend.

Family, friends, school, pressure.

Family, friends, waiting for results, arguments, school and whether I'll be accepted back or not.

Family, friends.

Family, illness, lack of friends.

Family, money problems, school, friends situations, my future.

Family, school, friends.

Family, school/college, relationships with others.

Family, schoolwork.

Family/friend problems, schoolwork. Far too much work and not enough time to do it.

Father !

Feeling I'll not be able to live up to other people's expectations. Having lots to do but no time. Missing deadlines or pushing too hard to meet them.

Feeling like I'm out of control.

Feeling I have to prove myself to other people and can't just be myself. Worrying about my friends who go out drinking/clubbing.

Feeling pressure to look good, extra work from part time job, exams results. Thought of starting more exams that are even harder than GCSES.

Fighting with my boyfriend of 2 years really gets me down.

Filling out surveys.

Football ! Homework!

Football matches, worried about grades

Friends annoying me. Relationships. Young lads who think they are hard and are always looking for a fight but are connected paramilitaries!! Friends, Parents.

Friends, work, results, lack of sleep, things I say, when I worry I get stressed, things I have to do.


Friends. Work. School.

GCSE's exams, Friends, Teachers. The School Education system puts too much pressures on pupils at too young an age. Most people I know find this appalling. At 16 we are forced to do GCSE's and if we don't do well we can't even continue at that same school. As opposed to the American system which I'm more familiar with since I an on American citizen. They have to take one exam coiled the SAT at the age of 17 based on the subjects English, maths and science which they can re-take and go to university/college.

GCSE's results, deadlines.

General teenage stuff, fitting in at school, meeting new people, relationships, trying to find out who you are, academic progress.

Getting bullied, underwent surgery on cleft lip/palate, have been picked on my whole life because of it, and stress build-up of waiting to see if I am accepted into army.

Getting exam results, deciding what to do next. Mum going on to get a job.

Getting things organised e.g. ready to go back to school. Having to make decisions. Trying to save money.

Getting to[o] much homework and teacher putting pressure on me.

Girls. A part time job.

Having a lot of things to do at one time e.g. a lot of coursework.

Having deadlines in school, objectives I have set myself outside of school in my hobbies.

Having no money, Relationship problems, Schoolwork/exams, Exam results.

Having no money.

Having schoolwork in one time for deadlines.

Having to go to work, school, schoolwork.

Having to make important decisions such as what further education to take in September.

Having too many things to do, too much pressure.

Home Life, Boy Friend, Friends.

Home, work and money. Something everyone worries about and just normal day to day things.

Homework - If I have an important essay to write I get stressed about it. Drama - I often take part in dramatic productions and rehearsing 3 or 4 times a week can be stressful. Music Exams If I have a music exam coming up I usually get stressed about it. Personal relationship.

Homework & coursework

Homework that I can't do, tests.

Homework, friends

Horse riding competitions Results from Exams.

Housework. (2)

How I am going to get by when I am training. And money problems.

I am a short-tempered person and when people promise to do things and then don't, it winds me up. Also I am getting my results at the minute and there's a lot of pressure on me to get back to school.

I don't get stressed a lot but it depends on circumstances happening at the time. Sometimes worry about exam results (maths GCSE) but I did achieve an A

I don't know really.

Just family problems and stuff like that.

I get stressed before, during and after exams and wondering what my future will be like. Also when certain family or friendship issues come up.

I get stressed very easily. If someone was meant to do something for me which was important and didn't then, I would get stressed.

I have a 2 months old son & it can get very stressful at times.

I have a certain nick-name that I find irritating and name-calling takes place almost everyday; mostly in school.

I haven't got a part- time job, not very confident, care a lot what people think of me.

I was very stressed at the end of school when I was doing my exams. Over the past few weeks, I have been stressing about my results.

I worry about stupid things.

I often get stressed when talking to people as I don't trust them.

I get stressed about stupid, trivial things such as going to see bands etc.

I get stressed when I have to make decisions.

I get stressed when I think something bad is going to happen (eg. parents will see my sons, notice something different). It depends on the situation. Problem with school etc.

Just day to day things make me a bit stressed.

Just day-to-day things. Life and family life cause me to get stressed. Worrying about things like my weight and appearance cause me to get stressed.

Just sitting GCSE's.

Just some little things work declines without work complete.

Just the usual staff school and the everyday things.

Just thinking about the future.

Lack of exercise and loads of schoolwork which I can't understand.

Lack of money

Lack of money, nothing to do, Boredom.

Lack of sleep, annoying people

Learning scripts, people meaning in my ear. talking about money and clothes.

Life (2)

Life in general

Life in general with exams and schoolwork. My father is very sick. Death in family. Boys. Jealously in girls which causes them to be nooty [?].

Life in general. I have recently moved to Glasgow in order to make a better life for myself. After suffering from depression myself I find being in my head very difficult which does get me down. I moved here in order to get away from Northern Ireland and start a new life for myself which so far been great as I will now be attending college here.

Life in general. School. My local area.

Life makes me stressed and Gaelic gets me stressed two.

Life, family, football.

Listening to other people going on at me.

Little things like relationships with other people like my parents.

Lots of schoolwork. Trying to cope with school and my job at the same time. Arguing with family and friends. Lots to do, schoolwork etc.

Mainly family reasons or friends.

Mainly schoolwork or sports.

Maths, some schoolwork, boys, some friends, sometimes parents.

Meeting deadlines for schoolwork.

Money - making my mind up about where to get a work placement.

Money worries, Sectarianism, War, Drug dealers, Street gangs.

Mostly because of schoolwork and home work.

Mostly my little brother. People not listening to me when they know I'm right about something.

Mostly school, teachers and schoolwork, sometimes family.

Mostly schoolwork.

Mostly when things don't go my way, or at the time of tests.

Mother and father, gambling, poker, again mother.

Mother, Brother, Friends, Work, GCSE, Body image.

Multiple tasks coming up at one time.

My confidence is low and I'm fairly shy !

My exams and waiting for my results coming in but that's all over so I have no more stress.

My family at times.

My family/too much schoolwork but I never got very stressed

My job, school, studying, home family, coursework, exams.

My parents because they are constantly treating me like a child and not letting me go anywhere! I received my GCSE results and was told that I was a waster. I got 5 Cs, 1 B, 2 Ds.

My parents when they go on at me all the time. When things I've planned goes wrong when I don't went they to.

My sister not getting things done when they are supposed to be. When things don't go my way or people are not listening.

My weight, lack of confidence, not been trusted by mum, being honest and getting nowhere with it, being lied and lead on to believe something that isn't real, two faced bitching that gets back to you.

My weight, Money, What to do in the future, Having to go to work.

No job, no money.

No money. Nothing to do. No youth clubs.

Not a lot, depends on certain challenges or difficulties

Not being able to do something.

Not being able to do things.

Not being able to do things. People. Friends sometimes.

Not being able to do/complete task.

Not being able to get a lift to see my friends, also my dad winds me up quite often.

Not getting my own way sometimes.

Not getting sleep. Other people being annoying.

Not getting things done for starting my course at college! But part of that is being a bit nervous of meeting new people.

Not having a job. My health. My religion.

Not having a smoke, knowing I might be late for something important, worrying about work, not having enough money

Not having anything to do.

Not much - Sometimes when juggling, schoolwork and extra curricular activities.

Not much mainly the GCSE's.

Not much really. Football sometimes.

Not much, I am really quite relaxed.

Not preparing properly for important exams etc. Training for important events and competitions. Competitive things in general I like to win/do well.

Not that much.

Other people annoying me or others.

Other people being lazy and others debating my point even though I clearly know I am right.

Other people.

Overloaded schoolwork. Running competitions. Long list of things to do.

Parents (2)

Parents not letting me go to gym everyday.

Parents, exams.

Parents, friends, school and Church.

Parents, having to repeat myself, dullness.

Parents, school, relationships.

Parents-Always putting pressure on me to do well. They never want me to do anything wrong and will go mad if I do.

Peer pressure.(2)

People annoying me, schoolwork.

People annoying me.

People around me!

People expecting too much of me, Exams, Public speaking.

People getting at me about my career or work.

People saying that best for me and what's not best for me.

People going on and on about things arguing with people.

People going on at you.

People I work with are older and constantly re-correct me. My exams make me feel stressed. Peer pressure.

People making silly mistakes.

People not listening. Groups not working together.

People slabbering, mum's health

People telling me what to do and people saying things they shouldn't.

People. (2)

Personal problems, work at school.

Pre- examination nerves. Loss of sleep.

Preparing for exams. Waiting an exam results. Friends falling out.

Pressure, GCSE's in general.

Pressure at school, worries over grades and subject choices, balancing commitments.

Pressure at works- correct ways of doing things. Family at home- worrying about dad. Not being heard. Thinking too much.

Pressure from exams and teachers at school. The constant exam pressure and waiting for results all summer.

Pressure from exams and worrying about results. Completing assignments and coursework in a short amount of time.

Pressure from parents to live up to expectations.

Pressure from school and family.

Pressure from school e.g. deadlines, exams.

Pressure from school, work, family.

Pressure from teachers and parents, exams and revision, when other people annoy me about stupid things

Pressure of exams, living up to expectations, future plans for education and home life (daily arguments).

Pressure of exams. Homework in big loads.

Pressure of success in examinations.

Pressure that my family puts on me.

Pressure to complete schoolwork + keep up.

Pressure to do well in exams and be constantly sociable etc.

Pressure to perform in sporting activities.

Pressures from school, parents and family.

Pressures of doing well in exams.

Pressures of leadership in school & people not co-operating - perfectionist attitude.

Problems at home.

Problems building up in my life that I cannot solve. Worrying about silly things that really do not mean much, and I shouldn't be worrying as much about them

Public performances/speaking. Exams.

Relationship problems, exam pressures.

Relationships. Peer Pressure. Coursework/ Schoolwork


Revising for exams, when I am just about to do an exam and waiting for results.

Revision and the build up to on exam.

School - exams, deadlines, pressured to do well.

School - home work, course work, exams. Part time job. People.

School (exams work) work, family, weight issues.

School (studying), exams

School + home life in general. Family arguments constantly. Heavy work loads in school.

School and Exams (3)

School and exams are the most stressful. Pressure image from media to look different.

School and homework. I was very stressed during the exam period, as I had left all my revision to be last minute. Thankfully it worked out fine! Fights with my friends also make me stressed, constant arguing is starting to make me feel down.

School and schoolwork. Friends (Fall outs among friends). Relationship (Boyfriend). Home life (Fostering). Exams. Trying to keep everyone happy.

School and when I broke my toe, thinking of the future. My friends, thinking of my career, and my family mostly.

School and work. (2)

School and work-exams. Friends e.g. tensions between friends. boys-relationship body bouts. family - illness in immediate family. Time management - too much to do not enough time.

School course work, teachers acting like they are my parents.

School deadlines and not being able to study at home.

School deadlines, boyfriends, career choices.

School etc.

School exam results.

School exams is the main reason why I would stress a lot as I have high expectations of myself also I get stressed about my appearance as I feel there is too much pressure from the media about looking a certain way.

School Exams!

School exams, homework, coursework.

School exams, meeting deadlines.

School exams. Making Decision about my future.

School Exams. Pressure from everyone to do well . Parents (on occasions).

School exams. Relationships.

School family.

School friends.

School in general.

School Life - Revision, Exams & Exam Results.

School life e.g. amount of work. Pressure at home and family life.

School Life, home life, boys

School pressures, exam results.

School Relationships Tiredness

School used to stress me because of all the work & home work you are forced to do, which I don't think is very fair.

School would sometimes make me stressed.

School, Part-time work (after school). Family, Exam Results, Money.

School, a medical problem & girls.

School, brothers and sister, parents, friends.

School, college, work, not having enough confidence, not really knowing what life is throwing at us? Hard making up my mind what I really want to do.

School, exam results, trying to find a job (part time) so I can make some money.

School, exams, family, relationships, peer pressure.

School, Exams.

School, exams. Worry about the future.

School, family

School, Family, Friends, Stereotypes.

School, family, friends.

School, family, illness.

School, friends, keeping everyone happy family, results of exams.

School, friends.

School, GCSE results, family.

School, home & boredom.

School, home life.

School, Homework, Football.

School, Homework, Parents and Sport.

School, homework.

School, job. family, arranging social events, other activities i.e. Duke of Edinburgh award.

School, lack of money, work, family.

School, Money

School, parents, tests, work.

School, playing soccer, working, my girlfriend, my brother and sisters and that I don't get much time for myself. I am always doing something.

School, pressures.

School, Relationships, exams, decision making.

School, sport, money.

School, sports, boyfriend, pressure of expectation.

School, sports, work.

School, Teachers, Homework etc.

School, teachers, work I can't understand. My family and work I have to do around the house. Things I can't learn or understand.

School, tests, family demands, no privacy.

School, work & friends.

School. (7)


School-sometimes heavy work load.

Schoolwork - getting it up to date, not sleeping

Schoolwork - revision, coursework. Pressure to do well in exams - GCSE's.

Schoolwork & exams, money works, family problems.

Schoolwork & exams.

Schoolwork ,life worries, results, fall outs.

Schoolwork and deadlines.

Schoolwork and exams. Pressure from parents. Friendship/relationship issues.

Schoolwork and teachers. Need to fit in amongst friend. Decisions about boys.

Schoolwork e.g. exams

Schoolwork i.e. home works, coursework & exams.

Schoolwork or part time job.

Schoolwork such as coursework disagreements/falling out with friends.

Schoolwork such as exams and course work.

Schoolwork, arguments with friends, relationships, appearance and weight.

Schoolwork, Camogie matches, Exams/exam results.

Schoolwork, exams, part-time job.

Schoolwork, family etc.

Schoolwork, family life, relationship problems.

Schoolwork, Family problems and relationships.

Schoolwork, family.

Schoolwwork, family-life, friends.

Schoolwork, Football, work.

Schoolwork, friends (and the drama they bring), family problems. Now I don't think myself worthy of anyone.

Schoolwork, friends worries.

Schoolwork, friends, family, work bullies, having no confidence.

Schoolwork, home work, exams. studying.

Schoolwork, trying to meet course work deadlines. Family life.

Schoolwork, waiting on exam results.

Schoolwork. (15)

Schoolwork. Exams. (2)

Schoolwork. Friends (falling out). Being nervous about something.

Schoolwork. Looking for a part- time job. Sometimes doing the ironing. Mainly my weight.

Schoolwork. My part time work.

Schoolwork. Not much else.

Schoolwork. Relationships with friends sometimes boyfriends.

Schoolwork. Waiting for exam results.

Schoolwork. Wee sister.

Schoolwork/exams. Knowing secrets about my friends and not being able to talk about how I feel about them.

Schoolwork-meeting deadlines.

Siblings, feeling overweight, schoolwork.

Silly little things like untidiness. I just get worried up and annoyed.

Silly, little and riggly things about my household.

Small things. The people I work for annoy me I feel pressure and stressed out about GCSE results and occasionally my partner would annoy me, but its not that bad.

Sometimes around exam time, not getting enough sleep.

Sometimes I get stressed if something disappoints me I play Gaelic football I worry if I am not playing well and it would bother me.

Sometimes pressure from school, football team + family. However it is only stress on a very minor level.

Sometimes school, sometimes people going on at me.

Sport, friends

Tension, exams, trying to decide on subjects for AS levels and A levels and career path, working 9:00-5:30, five days a week!

Test results, boyfriends, falling out with friends.

Test results. Lack of money. Family life.

Tests, balancing sport and school.

The amount of work needed to be done.

The depressing news that is pumped into the public via, TV, papers everyday, about a crowd of degenerate wasters who, partake in mindless sectarian activity.

The police service in this pathetic failure state disgusts me, if this was mainland Europe or the U.S.A, the * [?] would be shot * [?] on the street. And rightly so.

The expectations of other people, prejudice of religion and other people at school.

The fact that I am sixteen years old and have twins, it is hard but I have help. I feel people look down on me although I was told I don't look sixteen and am very mature.

The future

The indecisiveness, gutlessness and general lack of ability to do things I would consider worthwhile that most people my age in my area exhibit.

The massive amount of coursework GCSE students are expected to do. Cramming for exams. Falling out with friends. Family members arguing.

The pressure of exam results and having to choose my A-Level subject choices. Family life can sometimes get me down. When I'm bored I get stressed.

The pressure of having to perform well at school, day in day out.

The prospect of upcoming music exams. GCSE results, frustration when I can't get things done on time (e.g. sorting photographs into albums). Homework during school time.

The recent exams stressed me slightly, but I was more anxious than stressed.

The recent GCSE Exams have been making me feel stressed because of the wait for the results. The smallest wee things.

The thought of going back to school people not doing things up to my standard.

The thought of leaving school and going to another and not knowing anybody and the thought, not having things organised like what I'm doing next year, and will any of my friends be in my class?

Things happening in the house- trouble man into loosing especially to Liverpool.

Things I get stressed about are exams and receiving results.

Things that stress me out are things like school and from time to time when my friends and family got on my nerves.

Thinking about exam results.

Thinking about exams in school.

Thinking about future events which I am running out of time to do.

Thinking about my exam results. Worrying if I will get back into school.

Thinking about my results.

Thinking about school and peers e.g. what to do in September and what my friends are doing.

Thinking about the future and what it will hold for me now that I am pregnant. Also whether or not my partner will support until the end, also telling my other relatives.

Thinking about what if I couldn't give up smoking. Getting into arguments. Not going out.

Thinking I've figured something out and finding out there's more or having to start over.

Thinking of how I have done in my GCSE's and how I will work went I finish my 3 year course at college and also thinking about who my real dad is and why he left when I was only a couple of works old.

This questionnaire.

To[o] much been out on top of me. When work has made me do everything whist seeing to customers.

To[o] much work building up .

Too many demands. Lack of understanding.

Too many teachers applying pressure

Too many things at once to do.

Too much coursework with deadlines to meet that can make me very stressed.

Too much homework due at the one time.

Too much homework to get done in a short space of time.

Too much schoolwork at once. Trying to make coursework deadlines. Domestic issues - parents stressed. Worries about achieving the necessary qualifications for certain universities.

Too much schoolwork, a knowledge of * [?] failure.

Too much schoolwork. Problems with friends.

Too much work not enough free time. Peer pressure.

Too much work to complete for school

Too much work, not enough time to do it all.

Trying to be somewhere on time.

Trying to cope with school demands and the amount of schoolwork.

Trying to decide what to do in September and trying to choose a career that will be best suited to my personality and my skills.

Trying to do work, have a social life and have a part time job at the same time and deadlines for homework.

Trying to get all my schoolwork done.

Under pressure at work.

Under pressure due to schoolwork exams.

Usually not getting things my own way.

Waiting for exam results. Fighting with younger brother.

Waiting for exam results. Interviews. Getting my work done on time.

Waiting on exam results.

Waiting on exam results. Worrying about money. Having an unpredictable day with my mum off work.

Waiting on examination results. Peer pressure.

Waiting on GCSE results.

Waiting on results.

Weight, things building up, if I don't talk about them, exams.

What makes me feel stressed would be the fact that I am considered to make judgements about myself and life around at such an early age, such as having to pick and make choices in a career and or subject that is considered to be your basis for living a whole and wealthy/loving life.

What makes me stressed is when I start to believe that I can't achieve things, then gradually the cause of this makes me loose my dedication.

When a death happens in the family.

When exams are coming up, or when results are coming up.

When I am bored or someone says something I don't want to hear.

When I am doing more than one thing at a time.

When I avoid completing homeworks/coursework in school and have to rush them to hand them in at the last minute. Also, revision for both external and internal examinations. My parents trying to give me advice on various things can also make me feel stressed i.e. revising, socialising, working etc.

When I can't do something on the first couple of times.

When I can't do something, or if I'm arguing with my parents or my boyfriend. I also have two younger brothers who are always asking me to do something when I am busy.

When I fall out with friends. When I argue a lot with family. When I'm busy in work. Exams.

When I have a lot of work for school and not enough time to do it. I would stay up very late to get it finished and so this makes me stressed. It can be hard to see the end sometimes, but I keep going to get it finished.

When I have exams, pressure not to disappoint people, and family members being unwell

When I hurt myself at football.

When I lose something and can't find it.

When I want to be able to do something that I can't do.

When I'm doing exams. And when I was waiting on exam results!

When I'm working on something & it doesn't turn out the way I expect it to I become frustrated more so than stressed.

When I've a big match such as a final coming up which means I have to train more and concentrate more and try to keep my place in the team.

When other people take their anger art on me.

When situations are made complicated, when unnecessary.

When someone hurts me or I'm worried about someone or something !

When there is nothing to do.

When things don't go to plan.

When things don't [go] my way.

When things get hard and you thinking you can't do something.

When told to do the same task over and over again!

When you can't do a thing or pressure.

When you think about how many more years it will take you to qualify in a job you love.

Whenever I try to tell someone something but they don't listen.

Women, friends, work (Lack of sleep).

Work and exam results.

Work makes me stressed. Other people who are thinner than me. When I get frustrated and can't do things properly

Work overload and school-coursework deadlines.

Work overload- too much pressure on dead lines.

Work, boyfriend, mum, dad.

Work, Exams, Family.

Work, Exams, Friends.

Work, exams, relationships.

Work, family, home life

Work, my girlfriend, money.

Work, school especially results, diets. Sometimes certain people or family members!

Work, school exams.

Work, School, Parents.


Work. Exams. This may be wired but boys stress me now.

Working a part-time job, Stops the relaxing at weekends. Then straight back to school on Monday, as well when working week nights don't gets enough sleep and feel tired and unable to concentrate at school but at this age we need money to get clothes & try to relax!

Working out what I will do in the future.

Working, family members.

Work-seems to have got stressful since started full-time after the summer. Family - I have argued a lot with my mum in this last couple of months.

Work-waitress in a Bar, family arguments. Weight, body. (only sometimes). Exams made me stressed. (GCSE).

Worry about school - exam results (recently) Home life. Relationships.

Worrying about different things, being bullied.

Worrying about exam results and thinking about what I am going to do in the future.

Worrying about exam results, what the future holds for me, where I'm going and what I'm doing in September 2005.

Worrying about my exams (A-levels) whether I can pass them.

Worrying about others i.e. friends, family. Making sure all my family is safe is important to me.

Worrying about things that I shouldn't worry about like schoolwork and exams.


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