Young Life and Times 1999: Background

Listed below are the questions asked in the Background module in 1999.
If you want to see how young people actually answered the questions you can click on the short name given beside every question.  

  • RELIGION: Which religion do you regard yourself as belonging to?
  • RACE1: To which of these groups do you consider you belong to?
  • YSEX: Sex of respondent
  • YAGE: How old were you last birthday?
  • ECONACT: What were you doing last week?
  • PAIDJOB: Do you do a paid job?
  • MUCHWORK: How often do you do this work?
  • WORKPAY: How much do you get paid per hour?
  • WORKKIND: What kind of work do you do?
  • PLACEDUC: What is the main place you go for your full-time education?
  • LASTSCHL: What kind of school do you/did you last attend?
  • CAREHOME: Do you look after anyone living with?
  • CARESEP: Do you provide regular help for anyone not living with you?
  • DISAB: Do you have any long-standing health problems or disabilities?
  • RELRESP: Relationship of adult respondent
  • OTHPPLE: Was anyone else present during the interview?
  • WHOELSE: Who else was present?

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