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  Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey - 1994

Variable Listing for Module: Politics

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NIPARTY: Which Northern Ireland political party would you support?

UNINATID: Do you think of yourself as a unionist, a nationalist or neither?

RICHLAW: Is there one law for the rich and one for the poor?

READPAP: Do you normally read a daily morning newspaper?

WHPAPER: Which morning newspaper do you normally read?

CENSOR: Is censorship of films and magazines necessary?

UNTDIREL: Do you think a united Ireland is likely?

POLITICS: How much interest do you have in politics?

WELFRESP: Does the welfare state make people less willing to look after themselves?

WELFSTIG: Are people receiving social security made to feel like second class citizens?

WELFHELP: Does the welfare state encourage people to stop helping each other?

MOREWELF: Should the government spend more on welfare benefits?

UNEMPJOB: Could most unemployed people find a job?

SOCHELP: Do many people on benefits not deserve any help?

DOLEFIDL: Are most people on the dole fiddling?

WELFFEET: Would people stand on own feet if welfare benefits were lower?

REDISTRB: Should the government redistribute income from the better-off?

BIGBUSNN: Does big business benefit owners at the expense of workers?

WEALTH: Do ordinary people get their fair share of the nation's wealth?

INDUST4: Will management always try to get the better of employees?

STIFSENT: Should their be stiffer sentences for people breaking the law?

DEATHAPP: Is the death penalty appropriate for some crimes?

OBEY: Should schools teach children to obey authority?

IREINTNI: Do you trust a united Ireland government to act in the best interests of Northern Ireland?

WRONGLAW: Should the law always be obeyed?

TRADVALS: Do young people have enough respect for traditional values?

VOTED92: Did you manage to vote in the general election in April 1992?

VOTERESN: Do you usually vote for a party or a candidate?

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