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  Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey - 1993

Variable Listing for Module: Europe_and_International_Relations

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EECBRIT1: If we stay in the European Community, will the UK lose control over decisions?

EECBRIT2: Is the competition from other EC countries making the UK more modern and efficient?

EECBRIT3: Will lots of good traditions have to be given up if we stay in the EC?

ECVOTRES: How would you vote in an European election?

NIRELAND: What do you think the long-term policy for Northern Ireland should be?

ECPOLICY: Should the UK leave the European Community?

ECUVIEW: Opinion on single European currency.

ECGBCLSE: Should the UK's relationship with the European Community be closer?

ECLNKINF: Would closer links with the European Community give the UK more influence in the world?

ECLNKSTR: Would closer links with the European Community make the UK stronger economically?

TROOPOUT: Would you support or oppose a complete withdrawal of British troops?

NATION: Are the UK's interests better served by closer links with Western Europe or with America?

UNITEEC: Should the UK unite fully with the European Community or protect its independence?

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