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  Religious Observance, British Social Attitudes, ISSP - 1998

Variable Listing for Module: Religious Observance

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RUHAPPY: How happy are you?

GOVRESP1: Should the government provide a job for everyone who wants one?

GOVRESP7: Should the government reduce income differences between the rich and poor?

SEXBFMAR: Is it wrong to have sexual relations before marriage?

ADULTERY: Is adultery wrong?

SEXHOMO: Are sexual relations between adults of the same sex wrong?

ABORWRGA: Is abortion wrong if there is a strong chance of a serious defect in the baby?

ABORWRGB: Is abortion wrong if the family cannot afford any more children?

SEXROLE: Is a husband's job to earn money, and a wife's to look after the home?

WWFAMSUF: Does family life suffer when the woman has a full-time job?

MARVIE11: Is it all right for a couple to live together?

MARVIE12: Do you agree or disagree that it is all right for a couple to live together without intending to get married?

TAXCHEAT: Is it wrong for a tax payer not to report all their income to avoid income tax?

BENCHEAT: Is it wrong to give incorrect information to get government benefits?

PEOPADVT: Would people try to take advantage of you if they got the chance?

PEOPTRST: Can people be trusted?

PARLCONF: Have you confidence in Parliament at Westminster?

BUSCONF: Have you confidence in business and industry?

CHCHCONF: Have you confidence in churches and religious organisations?

CORTCONF: Have you confidence in courts and the legal system?

SCHLCONF: Have you confidence in schools and the educational system?

RLGINFVT: Should religious leaders try to influence how people vote in elections?

RLGINFGV: Should religious leaders try to influence government decisions?

SCIEHARM: Does modern science do more harm than good?

SCIETRST: Do we trust too much in science and not enough in religious faith?

RELPROB1: Does religion bring more conflict than peace?

RELPROB2: Are people with strong religious beliefs too intolerant?

RELPROB3: Would Northern Ireland be a better country if religion had less influence?

VOLACT1: Have you done volunteer work related to political activities?

VOLACT2: Have you done volunteer work related to charitable activities?

VOLACT3: Have you done volunteer work related to religious activities?

VOLACT4: Have you done volunteer work for other activities?

CHCHPOWR: Have churches too much power?

GODBELF1: Do you believe in God?

GODBELF2: Which best describes your beliefs about God?

AFTRLIFE: Do you believe in life after death?

HEAVEN: Do you believe in Heaven?

HELL: Do you believe in Hell?

RELGMIRC: Do you believe in religious miracles?

BIBLFEEL: What are your feelings about the Bible?

GODCONCN: Is there a God concerned with every human being personally?

FATALIST: Is there little that people can do to change the course of their lives?

GODGMEAN: Is life meaningful only because God exists?

LFNOPURP: Does life serve any purpose?

SLFGMEAN: Is life only meaningful if you provide the meaning yourself?

OWNFATE: Do we each make our own fate?

RELGCOMM: Has there been a turning point when you made a new and personal commitment to religion?

MUMRELIG: What was your mother's religion when you were a child?

DADRELIG: What was your father's religion when you were a child?

PRTNRRLG: What is your spouse's/partner's religion?

MUMATTCH: How often did your mother attend religious services when you were a child?

DADATTCH: How often did your father attend religious services when you were a child?

R11ATTCH: How often did you attend religious services where you were 11?

PRAYFREQ: How often to you pray?

CHRCHACT: How often to you take part in activities of a church?

RELIGIUS: Are you religious?

RELTRUTH: Is there truth in religion?

ACCEXPCT: What has friend a right to expect from you in given situation?

ACCWOULD: What would you do in given situation?

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