Links to Data Sources on Northern Ireland

Below is a selection of links to useful websites that hold data on Northern Ireland. If you think there are other sites that should be added here then please let us know via email. We have categorised the list as follows:

Government sites, Academic sites and other .

Government Sources 
Central Survey Unit
Equality Research and Information (NISRA)
Northern Ireland Census of Population
Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS)
The Executive Office Statistics and Research
Department of Education Research and Analysis publications
Department of Health Statistics and Research
Department of Justice Research and Analysis publications
Office of National Statistics
Academic Sources 
UK Data Service
International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)
Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences (archive of ISSP data)
European Social Survey (ESS)
Irish Social Science Data Archive
Other Sources 
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People
Commission for Victims and Survivors
Northern Ireland Housing Executive (Research Unit)
Police Service for Northern Ireland
Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
Institute of Public Health in Ireland
Detail Data - open data portal

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