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In this section of the website you can find lists of publications that are relevant to YLT and to ARK in Schools.

1. ARK Publications

Research Updates

Research Updates are four-page summaries of key findings of research projects undertaken by ARK. They are written in a colloquial style that is easily understood. They can be downloaded or printed off in PDF format by clicking on the links below. ARK research updates can also be ordered as hard copies. They are free of charge. Click here to order your copy. The following YLT Research Updates are available:

You can find a list of all available ARK Research Updates here.

Occasional papers

Occasional papers are longer reports based on research undertaken by ARK. Like the Research Updates they are primarily written for non-academic audiences. The follwoing occasional papers focussing on young people are available:

Dirk Schubotz (2005): Young People's Attitudes to Politics and Elections

You can find a list of all available occasional papers here.

Edited book

An book containing chapters on different topics based on data from the Young Life and Times Survey has been published:

Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine (2008): Young people in post-conflict Northern Ireland. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be developed


2. Journal articles and research reports

Publications in this section discuss issues in more depth. They are primarily written for academics, but also provide excellent background knowledge for teachers who wish to explore certain topics with their students in school.

  • Shirley Ewart and Dirk Schubotz, with Francis Abbs, Damian Harris, Laura Montgomery, Ciaran Moynagh, Gavin Maguire and Scott Livingstone (2004): Voices Behind the Statistics. Young People's Views of Sectarianism in Northern Ireland. London. NCB.
  • Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine (2005): What now? Exploring community relations among 16-year olds in Northern Ireland. In: CRC Journal Community Relations Council. Belfast.

3. Other publications

A useful source of information about publications on young people is ORB - the ARK Online Research Bank. Just select 'young people' or 'children' on the scroll down search menu on the ORB homepage, and all relevant publications are being displayed with short summaries or links to online publications. You can also narrow down your search.


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