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In this section of the website we include short articles on a wide variety of topics relating to politics and social policy.  These aim to present research evidence and commentary that links into current policy debates or newsworthy issues in an informed way. 

Jul 2018
Surveys and polls: How does the Northern Ireland Life and Times survey differ from opinion polls?
by Gillian Robinson, Research Director of ARK and Professor of Social Research at Ulster University.
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Jun 2018
Are public attitudes towards older people changing?
by Paula Devine and Gemma Carney
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May 2018
Do social attitudes to abortion suggest political parties in Northern Ireland are out of step with their supporters?
by Ann Marie Gray, Goretti Horgan and Paula Devine
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May 2018
Addressing Children’s Rights via ARK
by Dirk Schubotz and Katrina Lloyd
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Apr 2018
Community Relations/Good Relations in Northern Ireland?
by Gillian Robinson
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Feb 2018
European Union?
by Paula Devine and Ann Marie Gray
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Dec 2017
Raising the age of criminal responsibility: endless debate, limited progress
by Dr Clare Dwyer and Dr Siobhán McAlister, Queen’s University Belfast
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Oct 2017
Independence of the voluntary sector in Northern Ireland: changing narratives, changing relationship
by Dr Markus Ketola
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Jun 2017
If at first you don’t succeed then try, try, try… again – political negotiations in Northern Ireland 1969- 2017
by Dr Brendan Lynn.
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