Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland: The Ninth Report

Editors(s): Katrina Lloyd, Paula Devine, Ann Marie Gray and Deirdre Heenan
Document Type: Book
Year: 2004
Publisher: Pluto Press
Place of Publication: London
ISBN: 0-7453-2156-9
Subject Area(s): Gender, Health Services, Culture, Community Relations, Education, Politics

Abbreviations: NILT - Northern Ireland Life and Times, NISA - Northern Ireland Social Attitudes, NI - Northern Ireland

Background to the Research

  • The chapters in this book are based mainly on data collected by the 2000 and 2001 NILT surveys. Some chapters also use time-series data collected by previous NILT surveys and by the NILT predecessor - the NISA survey.

Research Approach

  • The NILT survey began in 1998 and runs annually.
  • Each year, interviews are carried out with a random selection of adults (aged 18 years and over) who live in private households in NI. The full sample size is around 1,800 respondents - although some modules are asked of only half the sample.
  • The sample is drawn using the Valuation and Lands Agency's list of domestic properties.
  • Fieldwork is undertaken using Computer Assisted Interviewing and a self-completion questionnaire.
  • The NISA surveys ran annually from 1989 to 1996 and interviews were carried out with a random sample of around 800 adults (aged 18 years and over) who lived in private households in NI.


Chapter Title Author(s)
  Introduction Katrina Lloyd, Paula Devine, Ann Marie Gray and Deirdre Heenan
1 Cinderfella (Finally) Goes to the Ball - Men's Life and Times Colin Fowler and Paula Devine
2 Information, Participation and Trust in Health Care Ann Marie Gray, Dorothy Whittington and Kate Thompson
3 Lifelong Learning John Field
4 Family Relations and Social Networks in Northern Ireland Mary Daly
5 The Changing World of Work Boyd Black
6 Culture in Northern Ireland Deirdre Heenan
7 Making a Difference? Public Attitudes to Devolution Roger MacGinty
8 The Impact of Devolution on Community Relations Jeremy Harbison and Anna Manwah Lo
Appendix I Technical Details of the Survey Paula Devine
Appendix II Notes on the Tabulations
Appendix III Using Life and Times Survey Data



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