Year: 2015
Module: Social_Care_for_Older_People
Variable: USOCCARE

The government in Northern Ireland is looking at how social care for older people should be paid for and how it should be provided. We would like to ask everyone their views on this. Social care for older people is the help with daily activities like washing and dressing that people can get from professional services, either in their own home or in residential homes.
Can I just check, are you yourself getting any of this kind of help in your home at the moment? For example carers coming to help with washing, dressing, cooking or housework? Or Meals on Wheels being delivered? CHECK THAT THIS IS FROM PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AND NOT FROM FAMILY OR FRIENDS



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Results for men and women

Yes 4 4
No 96 96



Results for people of different ages

Yes 0 2 1 3 4 9
No 100 98 99 97 96 91



Results for people of different religions

 CatholicProtestantNo religion
Yes 4 5 3
No 96 95 97



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