Year: 2010
Module:Social Care for Older People

If response to OTRTBAD is 'Yes'
In what way were they treated badly?

  • Care package was very poor - and delivered by poorly trained and grossly underpaid women
  • Complete disrespect: 5 minutes and they are gone - don't stay the full time
  • Doctors of no help and support
  • Heart is not in their work ignored
  • Just a job to many carers not a vocation/lack of time and care left on his own.
  • Left to wander out of the hospital.
  • Left too long, not arriving on time
  • Manhandled and shouted at money stolen/not washed/dressed
  • Neglected
  • Not listened to or basic personal care not good enough
  • Not very regular visits
  • One carer instead of two
  • Rudeness
  • Rushed about - no time the standard of meals and housework
  • They have too little time.
  • They were shown no respect and the care provider did not do the work they were supposed to do
  • Treated as an object. with limited respect
  • Uncaring
  • Unprofessional dirty nursing homes. lack of facilities in nhs
  • Was made to feel that she should be doing more for herself


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