Year: 2010
Module:Social Care for Older People

Some older people worry about a time when they may have to move into a nursing home while others see it as a relief. Here are some of the things that people have said about moving into residential care. Thinking into the future, which of these, if any, do you think that you might feel if you were facing that situation?
I hear stories about people being treated badly in these homes and it frightens me.



Not identified62


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Results for men and women


Identified 29 47
Not identified 71 53



Results for people of different ages


Identified 33 42 46 37 33 34
Not identified 67 58 54 63 67 66



Results for people of different religions


 CatholicProtestantNo religion
Identified 40 38 33
Not identified 60 62 67


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