Kids' Life and Times

Module: Ageing

This page lists the questions asked within the Ageing module, and for which years. Clicking on the year printed after every question will bring you to the results for that year.

AGEOLD: At what age do you start to think of an adult as an old person? 2011

RESPECT: As you get older, do you get more or less respect? 2011

RESPECT1: Who is treated with most respect? 2011

NUMGRAND: How many grandparents do you have? 2011

GPLIVE: Does this grandparent live in the same house as you? 2011

GPSLIVE: Do any grandparents live in the same house as you? 2011

GPTEACH: Have you taught something useful to your grandparents? 2011

GPLEARN: Have you learned something useful from one of your grandparents? 2011

GPSEE: How often do you see your grandparent? 2011

GPSSEE: How often do you see your grandparents? 2011

GPSIMPOR: How important are your grandparents in life? 2011

GPIMPOR: How important is grandparent in life? 2011

GPDOWTU: What kinds of things do your grandparents do with you? 2011

AGOLDPER: At what age do you start to think of an adult as old? 2014

AGMORESP: Who gets treated with the most respect? 2014

AGLERESP: Who gets treated with the least respect? 2014

AGADMIR: Old people are admired and respected by young people. 2014

AGLISTEN: Old people are not willing to listen to young people. 2014

AGNOMIX: Young and old people do not often mix. 2014

AGMIX: It would be better if old and young people mixed more often. 2014

AGMOVE: Do old people move around quickly or slowly? 2014

AGGENER: Are old people generous or selfish? 2014

AGMEMOR: Do old people have a good memory or are they forgetful? 2014

AGLIVE: Can old people live on their own or not? 2014

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