SCHSEST1: I find it very hard to talk in front of the class.

SCHSEST2: I am proud of my school work.

SCHSEST3: I am doing the best work that I can.

SCHSEST4: I like to be called on in class.

SCHSEST5: I am not doing as well in school as I would like to.

SCHSEST6: I often feel upset in school.

SCHSEST7: My teacher makes me feel I am not good enough.

SCHSEST8: I often get discouraged in school.

USET1: I am easy to like.

USEST2: I am a lot of fun to be with.

USEST3: I am popular with children my own age.

USEST4: I would rather play with children younger than me.

USEST5: Children usually follow my ideas.

USEST6: I do not like to be with other people.

USEST7: Children pick on me very often.

USEST8: Most people are better liked than I am.

SELFESTEM: Children's self-appreciation from his/her own perspective (MEAN 16 Coopersmith self-esteem questions)


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