NATURE1: I like to hear different sounds in nature

NATURE2: I like to see wild flowers in nature

NATURE3: When I feel sad I like to go outside

NATURE4: A natural environment makes me feel peaceful

NATURE5: I like to garden

NATURE6: Collecting rocks and shells is fun

NATURE7: I feel sad when wild animals are hurt

NATURE8: I like to see wild animals living in a clean environment

NATURE9: I enjoy touching animals and plants

NATURE10: Taking care of animals is important to me

NATURE11: Humans are part of the natural world

NATURE12: People cannot live without plant and animals

NATURE13: Being outdoors makes me happy

NATURE14: My actions will make the natural world different

NATURE15: Picking up trash on the ground can help the environment

NATURE16: People do not have the right to change the natural environment

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