Year: 2013
Parental engagement with school

PARSUPP: Do your parent(s) or guardian(s) encourage you to like school?

PARDONE1: Did your parentsgo to meeting with teachers when invited?

PARNOTGO: Why did your parent() or guardians not attend meetings in school when invited?

PARHELPS: What do you think is the MOST HELPFUL thing that your parent(s) or guardian(s) do to help you with your education?

PARDONE2: Did your parents go to teachers when something bothering you?

PARDONE3: Did your parents join the Parent Teacher Association?

PARDONE4: Did your parents join the Board of Governors or Parents Council?

PARDONE5: Did your parents help organise events in school?

PARDONE6: Did your parents come on school trips?

PARDONE7: Did your parents do something else?

PARDONE8: Did your parents do none of these things?

PARDONE9: Do you not know if your parents did any of these things?

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